• ‣ Is it hypoallergenic?
  • ‣ Can I shower with it?
  • ‣ Can I wear daily?
  • ‣ Will never fade?
  • ‣ Jewellery care tip
  • ‣ How to know my jewellery is S925/S.Steel/Solid gold?
  • ‣ What kind of payment do you accept?
  • ‣ Any offline shop/showroom?
  • ‣ How do I cancel/amend my order?
  • Do you ship to here?
  • When will my order arrive?
  • How much is the shipping fee?
  • I can't track/no update of my delivery status
  • haven't received my order!
  • ‣ Our Policy
  • ‣ I want to get refund
  • ‣ My jewellery broken, can it be fixed?
  • ‣ What kind of promotions do you have?
  • ‣ How to apply promo code?
  • ‣ It's gift for someone any gift wrap?
  • ‣ Any 1st buy promo?
  • ‣ Repeat purchase any discount?
  • ‣ Any bulk order discount?
  • ‣ I don't have ear piercing hole is there any ways to wear?
  • ‣ How to know my size?
  • ‣ Can I do customize order?
  • ‣ When will it be restock?
  • ‣ Do you have other colour?
  • ‣ Is it brand new?
  • ‣ Can't find the answer for your question?
  • ‣ How to wash and care?
  • ‣ Worry that won't fit
  • ‣ Refund/exchange policy

▶︎ Q : Tarnish / material

‣ Is it hypoallergenic?

Yes! All our designs are made with hypoallergenic materials only.

Safe for skin, only use the materials that don't include 3 toxic (Nickel, Lead, Cadmium Free) ''

But if your skin is very sensitive, also can be allergic to S925 therefore we recommend our solid S.Steel designs!

Most of the metal allergy is from those 3 materials. But depends on each person's condition even S925 also might have allergic. 
Because S925 is using pure silver 92.5%  the rest 7.5% uses other combined materials to make it harder. And it is a very minor amount we can't tell exactly which one causes a problem for you.

And just in case if you feel itchy, skin turns red please remove the jewellery and wash the area.

* Each design is made with different materials, for detailed material info please refer the each design page.

+ Read more about our materials

‣ Can I shower with it?

Yes, if the jewellery is Solid gold/silver, platinum, palladium, stainless(surgical) steel, or titanium, you're safe to shower with it.
Other metals like copper, brass, bronze, or other base metals not recommended to touch the water.

Yet, for that we recommend our Solid S925 or Stainless(surgical) steel material designs in silver colour (╹◡╹)

The reason is those 2 material's original colour is silver. Gold & rose gold colour are vermeil colour so, depends on how managed can be removed over time. So getting silver will have a very long-lasting colour!

For S.steel material how to vermeil rose gold colour is 2nd coated above gold. So the colour may look more yellowish than S925 jewellery and overtime when the rose gold is gone, the gold colour will be revealed. And at the last turn to the original silver colour.

+ This timeline is depends on how managed can be last very long! (few years)

Except for that, material we don't recommend touching any of oil/chemical/water/lotion/perfume or exposed at the outside for long time.
And recommend not wear while sleeping/exercise because can cause more injury if have some accident.

‣ Can I wear daily?

Yes, our jewellery is for daily :)
But, generally recommend to not touch water or any chemicals and clean well after wearing from the dust, oil part and keep in the provided jewellery pouch to avoid exposure to air & dust for a long time.

Wear the jewellery at the last, and remove at the first is the best way to keep it in good condition.

‣ Will never fade?

Scientifically, only pure gold will never fade and that's why gold is expensive.

Gold(rose gold, OR) Vermeil/plating/filled will be gone one day depends on how managed the jewellery and touching water, exposed air, scratches may decrease the lifetime.

No matter what kind of some special coating from which company based on current technology if it comes daily wear jewellery it's not possible to last forever.

If you looking for durable and affordable price jewellery, we recommend solid stainless/surgical steel or solid S925 designs!

(S925 is able to clean up the tarnished part, S.steel material is very strong at water/tarnish and both are much affordable price than pure gold.)

‣ Jewellery care tip

▶︎ All material jewellery

1. Wear the jewellery at the last before you go out.

(Put makeup, wear dress first!)

2. After came back home, remove the jewellery first. Before take-off dress. 

3. After wearing must clean it well with a dry cloth. (remove all the dust & oil)

4. Keep in the DAYBLANC jewellery pouch. We specially designed as this shape and material so can keep in good condition for a long time!


Generally don't recommend soak at the water or put at a humid area for a long time for all material jewellery. That can cause faster tarnish.

Vermeil/plating colour can be removed over time yet the duration depends on how you kept well will last few years.

If you want very long-lasting colour with lesser care we recommend solid S.steel designs (except gold/rose gold vermeil)

And the next recommendation is solid S925 designs. 

‣ How to know my jewellery is S925/S.Steel/Solid gold?

All the jewellery that is solid, on the surface must leave the engraved mark of how many karats is that.
For example, Solid silver jewellery has S925 mark ah the backside or side that is not so eye-catching location.
(if it's pendant backside or left/right side, necklace generally at the tail/hook part, rings are inside the ring band, earrings at post/backside of the body.)

All our solid S925 designs have S925 mark 💕

Solid (rose)gold jewellery also have 8K, 14K, 16K 18K, 24K mark on the surface. If you can't find any of the marks it is not solid.

The plating/vermeil jewellery doesn't have this mark. 

For really solid S925, Solid (rose)Gold won't attract by the magnet.

But S.Steel materials are attracted by magnets.

▶︎ Q : Ordering / payment

‣ What kind of payment do you accept?

We only accept Paypal & Credit cards at this moment ◡̈

‣ Any offline shop/showroom?

We used to have before Covid-19, we don't operate any offline shop/showroom at this moment ‧⁺( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

The reason our price can be reasonable is we don't have an offline shop (*ૂ❛ᴗ❛*ૂ)

And we provide very detailed information of our every design!

If you feel not enough photo or want to see more details please contact us we'll update with better ASAP

Let us know via IG | FB | WhatsApp (KR/EN)

We can't promise in future we'll have but once have we'll definitely promo about that ( ˃̶ ˂̶)♪⁺ 

And for more reviews, you can check our IG highlights "Reviews 1~3" We do have over 300+ reviews in there, also you can see our customers wearing, and the real photo taken by our customers ( ღ'ᴗ'ღ )

‣ How do I cancel/amend my order?

For amend, tt is only possible before we send out your order.
And for the cancel it is only able to support as store credit refund due to the payment transation company does not refund the transaction fee. 
(If you wish to get refund with the payment method that you made, depends on the payment provider, there will be deduction of the transation fee.)

For that please contact us ASAP via IG | FB | WhatsApp (KR/EN) channel include the below information.

1. Contact us with your (1) Order number or email address that placed the order.

2. And (2) how you want to amend

* Without order number or email address we can't find your order info. 

We'll try our best to change your order!


But, if the order already send out for delivery, and if you want to cancel/refund you'll be responsible for the delivery fee. 

In case of overseas order if already left sender's nation it is not possible to return. 

In this case please submit Refund Application for support. (in this case, will be handled as the change of mind refund.)

▶︎ Q : About delivery

Do you ship to here?

We support worldwide! 

We are going to send any country that you stay, except the place that your country's local post office can't reach.

And if you can't see your country's currency let us know we'll update that promptly ( •̀_•́)

We do have some overseas free shipping promo please check our website for that!

Please check well the delivery status if delivery failed more than 3 times can be sent back to us.


* Please provide correct postal code, detailed address, with the correct name for Custom clearance.
(once return due to incorrect recipient address will cause extra re-delivery fee, no refund/exchange.)

* Sending to South Korea require PCC code.
(create the PCC code at: http://portal.customs.go.kr)

* Sending to Indonesia require KTP No, Copy of ID.
(for customs clearance process, there is no misuse of KTP data that we received. For that you can send us to our WhatsApp

* Sending to Taiwan require proof of identification SSID (ARC/Passport No).
(for customs clearance process, there is no misuse of this data that we received. For that you can send us to our WhatsApp or enter while place order.) 

* Sending to China require proof of identification ID/Passport No.
(for customs clearance process, there is no misuse of this data that we received. For that you can send us to our WhatsApp or enter while place order.) 

Hong Kong, Japan, China, Macau orders please enter the address as the local language. (Not english. If written in English might be the reason for the failure of delivery due to the system accepting as the local language.)

When will my order arrive?

Depending on the country & shipping option it is very different

Generally takes 1~3 weeks via air mail delivery to worldwide.

And don't worry we only use trackable delivery so can track where it is ( •̀.̫•́)

+ More details about each country


How much is the shipping fee?

We support worldwide, and each country & depends on the speed we have a different shipping fee.

So sorry we can't remember all ‧⁺( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

For that please use our shipping fee calculator on the cart page!


How to check shipping fee to my place? 

To check the fee, after putting the item into the cart please go to the CART PAGE and 

scroll down a little bit then you'll see something like this!

shipping fee calculator-1

If you don't have any item in cart, will see this message.

shipping fee calculator-0

I can't track/no update of my delivery status

‣ For most of orders

If you see the screen like the below image, please wait a while 🙏

The system update is not the same time with physical work. Will take few hours~2 days to have the first update!

can't track order-kr

If still can't track order please press below button to apply the e0mail inquiry for the order  * Ask for tracking is only available after 10days (able to apply request on 11th date after send out.) 

▶︎ Submit tracking parcel request (input the tracking number and scroll down to the bottom and click the "apply the e-mail inquiry" button, click the pop-up "ok", click "English" to see as full english subtitles, and input the tracking number and click "Search" then the text box will be auto-filled)


Q1. I didn't receive the tracking number via email

‣ Is your email address is correct?

Please check your email gain. If you received an order confirmation email, should receive shipping information from us too.

Once send out it is auto matically sent so it won't miss out!

If can't find recommend checking junk email first.

The tracking number is attached at the bottom. It will looks like attached image. The red text place will be shown on your tracking number.

Copy & paste the tracking number, and click the tracking number to see the tracking page of courier company.

‣ Didn't received any email from us? 
It could be input/signup with  incorrect email address such as "ABC@gmil.com/@gmail.co/@gamil.con"
Don't worry we can amend the email address for you!
Please contact us via  IG | FB | WhatsApp to correct the email address with your order name, number to find your account. After that we'll send again the tracking number to you (╹◡╹)


Q2. No update on my order / tracking is not working

You can track only the rough status with what we provided tracking number & link.

If you want to see more details you have to go to another link with another tracking number because our courier company is coworking with all the nation's local post offices. 

And after depart from the sender's nation, the system update will be a few days slower than actual work due to need to update both country ( •́ ̯•̀ ) 

*If you use a nickname or different name with your ID/passport it may say longer at custom. And it could be you need to pay for tax depends on the amount that can delay the shipping time.


‣ How to track more detailed status?

To track more specific details of the delivery process please follow below instruction 

overseas shipping track


1) Please copy and past the new "Tracking number" (red box)

2) click/tap the provided hyper link (red box) for track overseas delivery! Then you'll see new delivery status.

* after see as "Despatched to overseas" may take 2-3 weeks for the next status. (it is due to border closer, having very less flight schedule so it can be happen queing to take plain for a long time.)

* the tracking system may slower than actual process. for more detailed info you can contact to the local post office with this tracking number 



Q3. Still have problem? 

Please check your delivery status and then recommend contacting the courier company to solve any delivery problem. 

If haven't departed please wait till depart. Already departed to destination country, please contact to the local post office.

If need to change address please contact us or to the tracking link service provider ASAP!


Most of the cases will be 
1) Local post office did a mistake on delivery (e.g. send to wrong place)

2) Incorrect delivery address (e.g. missing unit number, incorrect postal code, locked mailbox, Full mailbox, No recipient at home)

3) Missing while delivery (in this case, the courier company will refund the full amount to you. Please claim the refund to the courier company with our order receipt they will refund the amount to you based on their policy.)

Many of the case if wrongly typed postal code or missing unit number. Please check well the delivery status! (because our system is auto sync with the courier service, if typed wrongly we do not have a way to find out your correct address. So, we want to help you but can't help that.)


* Any delivery problem please contact to the courier company because we don't have the item & we are not the recipient we can't assist you 🥺

Thank you ❤️

haven't received my order!

Have you tracked your delivery? And if yes and it shows as "Delivered"
Please contact to the local post office ASAP. If they advise to contact us please contact us.

If not please check your delivery status first.

* The parcel will be handover to each country's local post office. Depending on their policy may deliver to the mailbox.


▸ Haven't received but says "Delivered" to you? 

In this case, please check your mailbox first and if it's not there recommended to contact directly to the local post office ASAP.
Sometimes they send to the wrong place.

And if your parcel is stolen by someone please call the police to solve this case.

Sorry to say this there is nothing much we can help you in this case ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )


 Tracking History - Returned to sender?

In this case, you will be responsible for the re-delivery fee and if you want to refund, the original shipping fee will be deducted from the final refund amount. A re-delivery fee is following our original shipping fee and even though there is an ongoing shipping fee promo it won't able to apply. The refund is only available 7 days after return to us. After that period only available for re-delivery and we'll keep your item for max 60days. After that we won't provide any refund/exchange and the item will be disposal.
* We have a lot of parcels daily sent out and received, we cannot notify each person 1 by 1 once returned to us. Please check well the delivery status.

▶︎ Q : Refund / After Service

‣ Our Policy

Please click below hyperlink to read more the details

+ Refund Policy

+ A/S Policy 

+ Shipping Policy

+ Privacy Policy

+ Terms of service

‣ I want to get refund

Please submit the ▶︎ Refund Application ASAP. (before exceeding 12h after receive)
We provide a refund within 12 hours after the delivery status changed to "delivered". And only in case of never break the safety seal label.
But, as our designs are 1:1 handmade orders all the refunds will be only made with store credit unless we send incorrect/damaged items.


To get a refund please submit our ▶︎ Refund Application


* In case of received incorrect/damaged items must contact us within 12h after received.
(After 12H all the refund is changed to store credit.)

* Even though we send incorrect/damaged items, once the safety seal label is broken no refund/exchange, only available store credit refund

* In case of a change of mind refund, the applied promo price will be deducted from the final refund amount.
(shipping fee promo, 3 for 1 free, 10% discount, complimentary gift for order volume, etc)

* In case of a change of mind refund, you must send it back to our office and we are not responsible for the shipping fee.
(in case of we didn't receive, arrived in damaged status refund is not available and we won't send it back.)

‣ My jewellery broken, can it be fixed?

As jewellery is beautiful, also very fragile.
Don't worry as our design is handmade, we support after-service.

But not all the parts are able to repair. Please submit the application so we can check the availability.

Submit our ▶︎ A/S Application for further support

Generally, we try our best to repair it as free as possible!
But depends on the condition may cause some repair fee due to we have to purchase the parts.

▶︎ Q : Promo / discount

‣ What kind of promotions do you have?

Click this link to see currently available Promotions

‣ How to apply promo code?

* 1 promo code per order (the system can't read more than 1 promo code)

Go to cart page, agree with our t&cs and click "Place your order" and follow instruction

Mobile phone : Click the "Apply Promo Code ˅" and apply the code and click the ➡️ button

Apply code 1 Apply promo 2


Computer :  Enter the code & click the ➡️ button

apply promo 3

* Promo code is only can apply 1 code. (not able to stack or use multiple at one time.) 

* After this when you see error message, high chance it is not fit with condition (amount, quantity, user, time, etc)

If you are all eligible yet still see error message please contact us IG | FB | WhatsApp (KR/EN) for support

‣ It's gift for someone any gift wrap?

* This service temporary unavailable *


We do have a service for your special person ❤️

All order we support complimentary gift box & handwritten letter service 🥳

But we can't prepare for our every order, please leave a note to redeem this benefits to only our members!

+ Don't worry! We don't send together any invoice/receipt for the orders. 
We pursue eco-friendly, all our invoice/receipt will issue via email. 

*To redeem gift box follow the below instruction 🥰



1. Check which ▶︎ gift box you want and put in to the cart

2. Apply code [GIFTWRAP] at the checkout page


‣ Any 1st buy promo?

Yes, we have! When you submit your email address at the bottom of our website we'll issue 10% discount voucher to your email address 🥰

+ don't forget to check ongoing promo at our website!

When you join as a member will have more benefits.
For more details click MEMBERSHIP or Join Membership on our website.!

‣ Repeat purchase any discount?

Sure! That's why we have our membership system.

If you purchased multiple times you'll have enough points to redeem the benefits 🥰 
Check your MEMBERSHIP points and redeem the benefits that you want 💓

‣ Any bulk order discount?

Yes, we do have a wholesale price and that start from SGD 2500/USD 1860 order.

If you want a wholesale price please ➡️ Check more details Wholesale 

▶︎ Q : More questions

‣ I don't have ear piercing hole is there any ways to wear?

We recommend our ear cuffs and our earrings (most of the earrings are able to convert to clip-on (˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و)

Ear cuffs don't require any piercing hole to be worn ''

And we have 3 different types of clip-on choices. On each design page, we indicate the available clip-on type.

For more detailed info please refer to each design page

* Only certain one-touch type earrings / 1.2mm piercings are not able to convert as clip-on.


What is ear cuffs?
A small thick ring that is worn on the ear and stays on by pressing tightly on the ear.
Ear cuffs give you the look of a piercing without being permanent.

+ Read more about ear cuffs

+ Shop clip-on/ear cuffs collection

‣ How to know my size?

Prepared for Ring, Bracelet, Necklace size guide & how to measure the size 

Please check the attached link

+ Size measuring guide

+ Check how we measure the size


And for each design page, we indicated the hyperlink for available customization options (╹◡╹)

Generally provide customize the size for bracelet, anklet, necklace (except certain designs)

* We don't provide ring size customization or adjustment.
(Free size, recommend adjusting to fit with your own finger size. Non-free size rings are if another size is available it is indicated about that.)

‣ Can I do customize order?

* Currently we only support customize to clip-on & shorten length of necklace/bracelets the rest of service temporary unavailable *


At this moment we only support selected designs in limited ways.

We support vermeil colour choice (Rose gold/gold), bracelet size, necklace length, necklace chain option, earring post customize (silicon post, convert to clip-on)

And each design page we indicate the available customize options. Please refer to each page!

* Except that we don't support any other customization at this moment.

* We don't provide the ring size adjustment customization at this moment.
(For the 1 size ring, if other size is possible we'll indicate about the availablility)

‣ When will it be restock?

Generally once sold out we can't promise restock ( •́ ̯•̀ )

If you see sold out you can apply for restock notification at each design page!

(it doesn't promise we'll restock yet, once restocked you'll get email notification)

Generally restock takes more than 2weeks + or few months if we have new designs to launch.

(the restock will be decided based on how many customers asked for the restock notification. If less (1~3) most probably we won't restock. and some designs are we can't get the parts anymore so will not able to restock.)

‣ Do you have other colour?

If another colour is possible we'll leave a description of certain colour available as pre-order. 
If you see a certain colour as a pre-order please contact us to place order!

‣ Is it brand new?

Yes, all our designs are brand new, only made after your order!

All the designs will start to prepare after place the order. And that's why we need 1~3 working days to prepare your order.
Don't worry we don't take any refund of after the safety seal break. So there is no chance you'll get someone already worn designs ( •̀.̫•́)

‣ Can't find the answer for your question?

In that case please contact us IG | FB | WhatsApp (KR/EN) we'll get back to you ASAP!!

▶︎ Q : About Cloth

‣ How to wash and care?

All the care details are written on each design page "Cloth care instructions" tab☺️

Generally, our clothes are recommended to do dry cleaning for the 1st wash,
And for all the clothes are actually when often wash will shorten the life due to clothes are once soak at water the textures will be changed.

So it can create shrink, tighten, less soft, hard kind of difference from original status.

Depending on clothes material recommend following the instruction to prevent unwanted changes.

And here's a tip for cloth material 😉 the artificial materials are the easiest to maintain, long-lasting, affordable material than wool, cotton, silk, real animal leather.
+ Click to read more


‣ Worry that won't fit

This is a general Korean outfit size, it's not made based on our model's body size ☺️

And we provide the detailed size chart, please compare with your cloth the measuring to make sure the size.

For example or skit/pants, you can measure your best fit design's 1 side measurement of waist and multiple by 2.

And compare the size with our skirt/pants and you will know is it about the same size or small/big. And most probably will follow that.
But due to the measuring method & manufacturing process may have a 1~3cm difference.

‣ Refund/exchange policy

We ask you for a careful examination prior to your purchase (e.g. size, colour, etc.)
Any inquiries regarding the products should be made within 12h from the day the delivery was completed.
※ Please be noted that you must submit a Refund/After service form from the bottom of our website to proceed. (IG/FB/WhatsApp message we can't help you.)
[Exchange / Return due to customers’[change of mind]]

- Please submit the form within 12h after receiving your package to proceed.

- The form requires the following information to hasten the process:
[Name, Order number, email address, reason, photo of the package]

- In case those items show any signs of use, they will not be accepted for exchange/return. In case of any refund/exchange due to [change of mind], the return shipping fee is borne by a customer and the initial shipping fee deductions are applicable according to DAYBLANC return policy.

[Exchange / Refund policy for defective and wrongly shipped items]

- Please submit the form within 12 h after receiving your package.
- The form requires the following information to hasten the process:

[Order number, name, email address, reason, a picture of the item, a picture of defect part/wrongly send item before used)

For any exchanges/ refund of defective or wrongly shipped items
the shipping fees will be borne by DAYBLANC.

In any case, already worn/used items are not able to any refund/exchange.

For change of mind exchange/refund/return it has been arrived to our office with not used status. The amount will be refunded to the customers once parcels are arrived at our inventory and checked by the relative team when received the correct item with new condition. In case of missing while delivery or didn't receive won't proceed any refund/exchange.

[Missing Items]

- If any of your item(s) is missing in your parcel, please submit the refund form within 12h after you receive the box. When contacting us, please send us the pictures described below.
(Picture of the box, Picture of all items you received, pictures of each barcode of the item)

- If confirmed as missing, we will send you the product right away or proceed refund depending on the situation.

- All the costs related to re-sending will be borne by DAYBLANC.

- We sometimes send products separately for our customers' favour. Please double-check this on your [My page] whether your order is partially shipped.

[The followings are not eligible for returns/exchange]

The followings are not eligible for returns/exchanges:

- Any items reported after 12h from the date of receiving
- Any item from which the tags have been removed, regardless of if they were defective on arrival
- Customized or handmade items
- Items having a trace of scent, cigarette, perfume, use, wash, or alterations.
- Items that have been damaged intentionally include, but are not limited to, lost tags, alterations, washing damages, even if the item was defective upon arrival
- All goods returned without previous notice or in spite of return denial by our CS team will not be accepted

- Not fit with size, minor difference colour/shape/size, different from the personal expectation is not available for refund/exchange.

- Disrespectful, hate speech, insulting our agents will not get any entertain and we will take legal action for that. Because we won't treat our customers like that and we always do our best to solve the issues. Our employees are human beings and someone's beloved family member. 
(For those who don't know how to respect each other please do not buy from us.)

[Refund policy for unclaimed packages]

- In case the customer fails to claim the package and it gets returned to DAYBLANC due to [absence of addressee/wrong or insufficient address], we will keep it for max 60days from return and can claim re-delivery (re-delivery fee follows the actual rate excluding any shipping fee promo.). After 60days the item will be disposal, won't get any refund/exchange.

- In case the customer fails to claim the package and it failed at delivery and kept at the local post office due to [absence of addressee/wrong or insufficient address], please contact to the local post office to receive. If disposal won't get any refund/exchange. (please track well the delivery status.)
- In some cases, depending on the shipping cost, the parcel may be discarded; the customers will be held responsible for the loss caused and no refund/exchange will be issued.