How do we measure the size?

We do our best to measure each design as accurate as possible to provide accurate size for our customers. So please check the size well before place order to prevent misunderstanding of the size!

Also, we are trying to do best to show more accurate size by taking photo of wearing and holding on hand. So can assume the size.

For feel more accurate size, please prepare ruler and check the size roughly!

*Do to all doing manually maybe there is an typo or wrongly input size. 

If that case please let us know, we'll update accurate size ASAP. 


● Necklace, Bracelet, Anklet Size Measuring

We measure the size consider the actual wearing size.

Size 17cm + Extension 3.5cm | Lock Pendant (W) 0.7 x (H) 0.8cm | Key Pendant (W) 0.4 x (H) 0.9cm (*1~3mm may different)

Size 00cm is measure in this way. Including the lobster clasp and excluding the extension part. For more accurate wearing size.


Extension 0.0cm part is only measure the chain part that can hook the lobster clasp (excluding connection chain and charm)


The pendant measuring (W)&(H) is including connection part.

(So the size could be a little bit bigger than the actual pendant size)


* All the design is handmade, may have some difference at the size. 



● Earring Size Measuring

Size (W) 0.6/0.8 x (H) 1.2/1cm (*1~3mm may different)

In case of unbalanced we indicate as (W) A.A/B.B x (H) A.A/B.B

So the (W) 0.6 x (H) 1.2 is one side, (W) 0.8 x (H) 1 is the other side

Width measure as the fixed widest part, Height measure the top from the bottom

earring-measure-width earring-measure-hight

* All the design is handmade, may have some difference at the size. 


● Ring Size Measuring

Size Free size (open ring) | Inside diameter : 17mm (US 6 ½) | 
Height : 1.1cm(*1~3mm may different)

Measure the inner diameter like this image and we'll convert as the US size.
(For more accurate size please refer the Inside diameter : 00cm part.)
If have unique shape Height is measure the biggest part of the ring


Generally our rings are made as free size (open ring), so still able to adjust 1~5 size up/down depends on the design

* All the design is handmade, may have some 1size up/down difference at the size. 

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