Welcome to our small world

Dayblanc is a name that inspired by make your day more brighter, prettier with our sparkling jewellery ✨
Our each design have their own story to tell you we present a delight message by our designs from authentic Korean designers


More than a jewellery

We are here to make you prettier by bring out your own beauty that you haven't realized.

We are sharing our K-beauty tips and styling ideas to you.

Each design we send to you, contained the story and wishes from us.

We believe wearing our meaningful design will definitely have difference with the jewellery that missing someone's wish


All about love

We love our earth, to protect it all the materials that we use is environmental/animal friendly materials

With love, we make your design

We love what we do

We wish that you are happy and find your true love in your life and hope our designs can be one of the part of that journey

We love kindness and care

- May your days are more beautiful with our design

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