✦ Packaging | Gift Box

Generally, packed at 2 steps. 
➀ Basic jewellery packaging + ➁ Standard shipping packaging

Basic Jewellery Packaging

Generally our designs will be pack like the attached photo.

Depends on the design/exchange/replace order may differently packed

All the jewellery will be sealed at our special environmental friendly, reusable  jewellery pouch to prevent air, dust, water, scratches.


jewellery packing   packing image


+ Gift Box Packaging (optional)

Support complimentary 1 handwrite gift card (EN/KR only) & max 2 gift boxes per order. Check our [Gift Box] option and cart out together and apply the code!


Standard Shipping Packaging

To prevent damage while delivery we packed safely into the strongly designed carton mailbox, and the inside will be wrapped with tissue paper/bubble wrap.

* Depends on the order quantity/gift box option the box can be different size & shape.

basic delivery packing

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