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Q‣ Will it be tarnish? Can I wear daily? 
Can I shower with this? Is it hypoallergenic?

A‣ Yes, our designs are hypoallergenic daily wear. 🥰
But after wear please clean well and kept in the provided jewellery pouch to maintain good conditions.
Generally don't recommend to touch water/chemicals. 
But if you want to shower with it, recommend get solid S925/S.Steel designs.
The rest materials are not recommended to shower together.

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Q‣ Estimate Delivery Times

A‣Due to our designs are 1:1 handmade require preparing time (1~3 working days) +  Shipping time (1~3 working day, different depends on country) check more at below link 💕

▸ When will I receive my item? 

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‣ Will have other colour?  

Mostly the colour we prepared is what we can.
If possible we'll update more. 
Generally, later possible designs are written on each design page as pre-order!

Please visit below link to submit request. We'll try our best but  can't promise

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‣ About materials

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‣ Any 1st buy promo?

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‣ I'm repeat customer any discount?

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