Important Notice – DAYBLANC

Important Notice

About Delivery

8th MAR 2022 ~ 19th MAR 2022 the shipping will take a break,
The delivery will resume 20th MAR 2022 on wards.
Only take a break of packing & sending out the rest will be still operating as usual.
The last shipping cut out is until 20:00 PM (8:00 SGT) orders. The orders placed after this time will be resume preparing from 20th MAR 2022
* Most of the shipping please expect 2 weeks ~1 month onwards of shipping timelines (depends on the situation can take more than 6 months) due to covid-19 & Delivery service is on strike in South Korea. (Premium EMS: 1~7working days | Airmail delivery: 2 weeks ~ 1month | Sea shipping: 1month ~ 6months * these are expected average timeline could be faster/later than this.)
* Certain countries delivery due to Covid-19 & holiday season (US, CA, CN, UK/GB, FR, etc) will have extra weeks of delays on the courier company side if need faster delivery please select “Premium EMS” option (Partnership with UPS and will use their own flight so wont effect by reduced flight schedules)
* For more information about delivery please contact directly to the courier company that we attached at the tracking number (if contact to us about the shipping details will take longer to get back, and we can search after 10 working days from send out which is 11 days later)
* Due to Covid-19, some countries may not accept air delivery from South Korea, in that case will be sent via sea shipping. (If you don't want sea shipping please select Premium EMS, and if the only option is sea shipping the balanced shipping fee will be refunded.)
* Due to Covid-19 there will be unexpected delay at delivery. If you don't want any delays please do not place order. Or if you can arrange any better shipping we can use the specific courier company for you (but must come and collect from our office. For that please contact to our agent.)
* If you want to cancel the order please contact us before receive the shipping update email. Once we send shipping information it's already handed over to the delivery company we can't proceed any refund.
How Covid-19 effect on delivery?
- The delivery manpower also can be under quarantine.
- Compared to before Covid-19, the worldwide flight schedule reduced a lot, but the online order has been increased and these cause not easy to onboard the parcel fast like before.
- To prevent sending virus world wide some country held the item longer at customs.

About Packaging

* The carton box will be normal box not the pizza box shape

About Designs

* Some designs may not possible
(unavailable designs has been removed, once available will shown again. In case of unavailable will get refund for the certain unavailable design)
* Some customization might not able to support
(for some designs are temporarily unavailable, in this case the customization will be refunded ASAP, please check well the emails after place order.)
For the restock please click the "Bring it back" button on each design page 
We only consider restock when there is a lot of request for that and we cannot promise for any sold out design's restock 🙏

About Customer Service

Texting with our agent is only available simple questions about our designs
If you want to talk about after purchased case, please sumbit the  Refund Application | A/S Application  for further help it is separet different team.
And for the after send out shipping inquiries please contact to the the provided related courier company 🙏

Thank you for the love