+ Jewellery FAQ (tarnish, shower, daily wear, care)

Jewellery FAQ (shower, tarnish, etc)

▶︎ Can I wear daily? 

Yes, our semi jewellery is for daily :)
But, recommend to not touch water or any chemicals and clean well after wearing from the dust, oil part and keep in the provided  jewellery pouch to avoid exposed at air & dust or get scratched by other hard and sharp/rough stuff. (if didn't clean well and kept in pouch but stored at humid area still can tarnish.)



▶︎ Will it be tarnish?

Sadly, yes. Due to it is natural phenomenon for the most of the materials (copper, silver, cubics and other materials except solid gold) exposed at the air/dust/oil/sweat/chemicals for a long time (few days). There is no way to stop this natural chemical reaction with current science skill. And there is titanium and stainless (surgical) steel but most probably for the 2 materials you won't see very sophisticated and lovely designs due to it's too hard, not good to make nice design with cubics. 

Except solid silver (non coloured), all the rest materials are once tarnish no way to recover the colour. (coloured design are may not available for this due to when clean the colour can be wiped out together. Recommend silver colour.)

Yet, if managed well can last long. After worn must clean well to remove all the oil, dust, water, sweat(salt), chemicals attached on the surface and keep inside the provided pouch and store at cool and dry area.

+ Only for the S925 materials you can clean the tarnished part. But have to be fast if the oxidize proceed long time ago (more than 1 week) may not easy to clean. Recommend to use silver polishing cloth (the most gentle and keeping best condition with easy way) to clean that jewellery. Can be soak at the liquid type cleaner depends on the design might the cubic drop off. And the grinding type of clear tool will remove the shine. 


‣ But I saw some say non tarnish? water resistance?

There is term resistant and proof. Sound similar, they are both quite different. If something is water-resistant, it means that it can withstand water damage up to a certain point, whereas waterproof insinuates that the product cannot be damaged by water in any capacity. So if say water resistant it is not 100% safe from water. So far only solid gold if waterproof. (only above 18k gold)

So just check is it resistance or proof. And you will know. Anything resistance is not in any capacity there will be under certain condition.

There is a special vermeil/plating for water resistance (again until certain condition) to make it last longer yet when it comes to wearing the surface will get rubbed, scratches so the vermeil/plating will eventually gone overtime. And once that is gone it will be tarnish. But, it can be last forever never worn and always kept on good condition but then what's for right? And it just coast more but not the ultimate solution. So we don't take it. So far there is no technology to make not tarnish when wear for the non solid gold materials.

* To make it easy, vermeil/plating/gold filled is just like with the "makeup fixer" affect. It can make the makeup last longer yet won't able to keep it forever.
And the effect will be different by how handled. 

‣ Any solution for that?

To wear daily without worry tarnishing, pure gold jewellery is the best choice. But the price is 10~50 times more expensive than silver. The price will start from  few hundreds or more for small pieces. 
So it will be too expensive for to have a lot of pretty designs on hand.

But, we have good solution for you 10~50 times more affordable than pure gold!
We recommend S925, Stainless/surgical steel designs (with non vermeil/plating)

The silver is the only material that can once tarnish can clean that part. And nd \ the Stainless/surgical steel is the material that very hypoallergenic and strong at tarnishing! (Yet, both materials exposed at chemicals will turned dark) 

So our jewellery is combine the 90~92.5% of real silver with brass or other materials to make it more durable with affordable price.

And anyone can easily clean the tarnish part with our [Silver Polishing Cloth] and our item included coating ingredients so it will make stronger at tarnish + glossy effect is additional!

* For silver do you know why kings&queens use that for cutlery? Because when touches the toxic(chemical) the colour changes. So they can see anyone poisoned their food or not. (If you wear or touch silver and the colour changes may need to check what you using on your body that could be harmful for you.)


‣ Why don't you make all as stainless/surgical steel?

That will be nice to do but, the stainless/surgical steel is too hard material that can't really make the delicate & sophisticated details on the surface like brass, copper, silver, gold.

And except the silver colour, gold/rose gold colour will gone overtime when keep exposed scratching. How to vermeil rose gold on stainless/surgical steel is vermeil gold as 1st coat and vermeil rose gold as 2nd layer. Therefor the colour may more yellowish and over time the rose gold fade will turn to gold. And the gold fade, will see as silver colour.
So the design is very minimal and simple. When you see our Stainless/surgical steel collection you'll see the minimal looks.

Currently don't have the technology to make that delicate works on the stainless/surgical steel materials if you see pretty delicate & sophisticated detailed of pendant dangled on is not stainless/surgical steel.

And we want to provide good designs with good quality. 
So most of our designs are made with hypoallergenic vermeil/platied brass/copper/silver materials without 3 most toxic nickel, lead, cadmium which is safe for skin and durable with affordable price.


‣ Any plans for pure gold collections?

Yes, we do have plans to launch the pure gold series in future but not in anytime soon due to the price range is too big we need to be more ready for the new journey.



▶︎ How to care jewellery?

The procedure of wearing is complete your outfit first until hair&makeup.
After that wear jewellery. When you comeback home, remove the jewellery first. Most common case of damaged jewellery is hook at hair or cloth and break.

After that, bring the zipper bag & soft dry cloth, clean well all the part with cloth and keep in a zipper bag to avoid exposed air, dust, scratches, oil.

‣ Brass base (Vermeil/plated with original rhodium/silver/gold/rose gold)
: Recommend to not touch water, oil ingredients (perfume, lotion etc.)

Once tarnish can’t recover.


‣ Titanium, Surgical, Stainless steel

: Resistance material for most of the ring yet, may tarnish one day. It is hypoallergenic and strong at rust & water. But if anyone said will never fade or tarnish that is not correct information. This also the silver colour will last longer than gold & rose gold colour. Rose gold colour will turn in to gold colour after time. Just more durable than other materials. Same treatment with other materials. 

Avoid keeping soak at the water for a long time, humid place. Do not keep with rust items or under the direct sunlight for a long time that can cause tarnish/rust. For the colour plated/vermeil designs need to avoid oil ingredient (perfume, lotion, etc)

‣ 925 Silver (Vermeil/plated with gold/ rose gold)
: Recommend to not keeping in water, oil ingredients (perfume, lotion, etc), dust, air, humid environment.
Once tarnished the vermeil/plating depends on the plating can’t recover. When use silver polishing, might remove the vermeil/plating too please take extra care for that coloured designs.

‣ 925 Silver (Pure/original rhodium)

: Recommend to not contact with water, oil ingredients.
Once tarnish use the silver cleaning items can easily clean the tarnish part. We recommend our silver polishing cloth! You can google it for other methods to clean silver.

If you already touched water dry fully ASAP. Do not let the jewellery wet and exposed in the air for a long time.

If it’s sea water recommend to remove all the sea salt part. If not will tarnish very fast.


▶︎ Is it hypoallergenic?

Yes! All of our designs are hypoallergenic. Most of the skin allergy is caused by Nickel. So we don’t use that ingredient at surface. But the allergy is too different by person we can’t tell will never happen.

Some more sensitive skin is also affect by other materials. Even the silver also 7.5% is not silver for the strength & durability as jewellery.

And also even the post is silver still when the skin is very sensitive also can caused other parts of jewellery.

Best recommendation is get is as all made as 925 silver or vermeil/plated design.

Please consider well before purchase.

And if after time the vermeil, plating removed from the surface might feel allergic. In that case you can apply any nail polish on the surface to prevent allergy. (Generally in Korea transparent colour nail polish are most commonly used)

The nail polish will completely coat the surface so any of the material that irritate your skin will no longer touching your skin! 

But do not apply too thick it may increase the thickness and dry well before wear.



▶︎ Why the design is partly black/darker spots?

This is a natural phenomenon. When vermeil the earring post some part has to be held to do this work. So it is a mark from that process. This is not faulty. This is a way to make more hypoallergenic. This can be different by design and the colour! Mostly gold vermeil has more of that. But that is not a bad thing don't worry about that! 

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