Mask Proof Cushion Makeup Tip – DAYBLANC
Mask Proof Cushion Makeup Tip - DAYBLANC

Mask Proof Cushion Makeup Tip

Hello, today we brought this useful makeup tip!!

Personally love cushion type foundations due to convenience to use 😆
I guess many of you also love cushion foundation ;)
But the problem is mask rubbing all the skin makeup especially foundation 🥲
And recently we found this mask proof makeup tip!

Yes we also saw many product that we need to apply more to prevent and actually most of them didn't really worked. 

So, we introduce that anyone can do without purchase some new cosmetic!

This youtuber will show how to prevent smudge by mask!
(The cushion she used at this video also, promote as mask proof yet when apply normalway still smudge well to mask 😅 But when she apply another way really doesn't really smudge 🤭)

To introduce this video as in a nutshell, 

0:01 Intro
1:45 Example of the wrong way to apply cushion
2:55 When wear mask after apply wrong way

3:15 How to apply correct way 

1. Use se 3 finders at the puff 
2. Removed the over applied foundations at dry tissue
3. Apply the foundation a little bit of the edge of puff  
4. Smudge the a little bit of foundation (Don't apply like stamping, gently apply)

5. To cover the specific spot apply little bit and gently tapping the area
6. Use the dry puff (nothing applied or remove all the foundation) and tap all over the face (* This is the most important part!)
*  Many comments said no.6 is the most effective part!  

Hope this sharing is useful to your makeup :D
We'll continuously share all useful K-beauty tips ❤️