How to look 3 times more beautiful

In Korea, people say women with the earring, 1.5 times looks more beautiful.


But this tip will make it to 3 times!

It's very easy & simple way to make you 3 times more beautiful in a short time without pain!

The tip is you just need to wear proper design that fits with your face.


We prepared 3 types of face shape.

Square, Round, Oval. These are the most common and general type.


Every face is beautiful, this tip is just helping you to how to choose the perfect design for you. 


Let's see each face type what is the best performing earring. 😎

And mark as underline with avoid, bold with recommending.


1. Square Shape Face 

: This type has a strong and stubborn impression because of the angled jawline.

It's important to make your face look soft. 

If you wear round pendant earrings, the round face will be more emphasized.

Therefore, avoid big pendant, spreading design earrings near jawline length.

It is advisable to choose a drop-type earring with a thin design, stud design so that makes more focus on the top with a more soft image.


Check the recommending designs for Square shape face!




2. Round Shape Face 

: This type has a cute and optimistic image.

It's important to make your face look slimmer. 

If you wear round pendant earrings, the round face will be more emphasized.

Therefore, avoid round pendant earrings.

It is advisable to choose a drop-type earring with the big parts are at below design so that the face looks long. Which it makes your face look slimmer.


Check the recommending designs for Round shape face!



3. Oval Shape Face 

: Most of the earrings are fits well.

But, when it's too long drop deisgn might make your face looks longer.

If you are the one oval shape with a long face, it's advisable to choose the big pendant design, the short dangles type design too.


Check the recommending designs for Oval shape face! 


You can also get recommendations from our designer.

They will choose 2 designs based on your face shape type.

To purchase the designs please ▶︎Click here!


*Still, if you want to wear the avoid designs to you, can wear an unbalanced design. One side the design you like, the other side the one recommended.


Here is the list of fits with any face shape.


Thank you to read this post 🥰

When you remember this depends on your face shape, will upgrade your beauty 3 times more 💕

Hope it's helpful information to you.