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Personal Colour - DAYBLANC

Personal Colour

1. What is a personal colour?

Have you ever heard about "Personal Colour"?

It's colour analysisalso known as personal colour analysis (PCA), seasonal colour analysis, or skin-tone matching, is a term often used within the cosmetics and fashion industry to describe a method of determining the colors of clothing and makeup that harmonize with a person's skin complexion, eye color, and hair color with the benefit of being able to use this tool for wardrobe planning and style consulting.

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2. Why I need to know my personal colour?

In Korea, personal colour is an important thing most women know about it.

That can make wear more suitable colour on you.

Make your skin looks better and more bright.


Can adapt this result to makeup, fashion.

This is the thing that you can choose things that more suitable for you.


Now I'm gonna share how to recognize your personal colour without visiting the expert.


3. Personal colour type?

Generally, can divide into 2 types and have 4 detail types.

The look & feels are like the below's image.


Have this Yellow base (call warm tone) and Blue base (call cool tone).




4. How to know my personal colour?

1. When you see your wrist the vein colour is more green or blue colour?

- Green : Warm

- Blue : Cool


2. Peach-orange colour lipstick or Pinkish lipstick, which one more suitable for you?

You can try to apply half orange, half pink and see wich skin looks more healthy.

- Peach-Orange lipstick : Warm

- Pink lipstick : Cool


3. Ivory/beige colour top, White colour top. Which one looks good on you?

- Ivory/beige : Warm

- White : Cool


4. Is your hair colour is brown or black?

- Brown : Warm

-Black : Cool


5. When you apply manicure on your fingernail brown, orange, green colour looks healthy on you or red, pink, blue looks better?

- Brown, orange, green : Warm

- Red, pink, blue : Cool


6. The colour that you can see from your skin is yellow or pink-red?

- Yellow : Warm

- Pink-red : Cool


7. Did your friends often tell you lovely&sexy or innocent&chic style?

- Lovely/sexy : Warm

- Innocent/chic : Cool


Based on this you can know that you are a warm tone or a cool tone.



5. Check your personal colour recommendations

Now we gonna tell you more details about your tone.

In there we can separate as 4 detail colour types like below.

Check you are what type of the 4 seasons!



1. Spring Warm-tone



▶︎ Bright, sporty, soft, cute, romantic.

Most Koreans are this type. It is usually a bright and bright image.

Styling with a clear spring image of buds and flowers.

 ‣ Click here to see warm-tone recommendation.  



2. Summer Cool-tone



▶︎ Feminine, clean, cool, clear, elegant

In general, feminine and clean image. If the makeup base with pink base fits well, it's cool tone. Pink looks better than orange or coral. Most of Coolton's colours are blue-based, so it's cool even though it's warm colour.

 ‣ Click here to see cool-tone recommendation.



3. Autumn Warm-tone 





▶︎ Classic, Natural, Gorgeous, Deep, Sexy, Glow, Profound

: Skin tone deeper than spring warm tones. It is a classic and glam atmosphere. There is a deep golden colour on the skin and a healthy glow. 

‣ Click here to see warm-tone recommendation. 



4. Winter Cool-tone



▶︎ Chic, Individual, Gorgeous, Intense, Sexy, Cool, Nasty

Most are charismatic and have a greenish-blue colour on the hair and eyes. 

 ‣ Click here to see cool-tone recommendation.


*Those images are symbolic visuals of each type, you can assume what colour are painted each drawing is the best performing colour. 



5. How do I use this information?

You can apply this colour scheme when you choose cosmetics, dye your hair colour, choose cloth, nail art, choose jewellery etc.

Plus if you want to wear the colour is not in the colour scheme, you can wear as a bag or bottom cloth which it's far from your face!

Jewellery colour tip is to warm colour gold base items are best, and silver is good on cool tone skin.


If you are not sure about your type, just can choose Rose gold colour too ❤️

Click here to view all Rose Gold designs 🤩


Next time when you purchase DAYBLANC designs you can decide easily which one is nicer to you 🥰


Thank you to read my post!


Our designer studied and born in Korea, also have experience in working at a Korean big fashion brand. (E-land, the company own many famous Korean cloth brands that selling at the department store. Such as 8seconds, Roem etc.)