A/S Application

So sorry for caused inconvenience.

As jewellery is beautiful, also very fragile.
Don't worry as our design is handmade, we support after service.

But not all the parts are able to repair. Please submit the application so we can check about the availability. What you need to do for it is mainly 2 things!

1. Submit the application 2. Send the damaged item to us

This is only available for the customers who already open pouch customers

1. Submit the application Apply A/S

2. We'll get back to you the availability with quote (may have some fee to repair depends on condition)

3. Once confirm, we'll let you know shipping address.
(You need to send the item to our repair shop. Including all the parts. If have missing parts may not able to repair. Generally customers use Singpost non-register shipping stamp and this will cost few cents and for this have to pack own self. And if you want we can arrange pick up service from your place and that will cost S$4.50)

4. After received the design, we repair and once complete we'll send back to you. (this shipping fee depends on warranty period it is on DAYBLANC. If exceeded will have shipping fee to receive. If you place order we can send back together with your order in this case shipping fee is not charged for this repair order.)


* Post break/Snack Chain break/Special colour&shaped crystal missing may not possible to repair. (even repair high chace can break again, will not looks like before)

* Depends on the design might won't able to repair
(When the part is out of stock, certain part is may cheaper to get new design.)

* Depends on the status may cause fee to get new parts.

* Repair may not exactly same look like before.

* If you are under warranty period we will send back to you without extra shipping fee. But after period will be cost general shipping fee on that time. (if you want we can combine and send with your new order this time no shipping fee will charged for the repair order.)

* Depends on the status, generally takes 2~7 working days to repair.

* Warranty period is 7days after received design.

* Complimentary after service is only available for 1 time, within 7 days after received the item when it is able to repair arrange only. 

* All the offer made is only last for 7 days. After that we don't provide same offer.

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