How do we pack our order? – DAYBLANC
How do we pack our order? - DAYBLANC

How do we pack our order?

All DAYBLANC jewellery is packed below 2~3 steps for the safety & hygiene reason. 

+ For environment, we want to reduce printing paper we don't issue paper invoice/receipt it's all send via email. 

1. Basic Jewellery Packaging

All the designs will be pack as individually at transparent jewellery pouch to protect well the jewellery while delivery. 

Also, the jewellery pouch is designed to be keep the jewellery in a good condition. Sealed well the air, dust, oil, water it will be the best way to keep the jewellery yet we provide this special pouch for each design as complimentary service. And we concerned about the environmental problems this is reusable pouch. 

Generally, will be pack like the attached photo.

Depends on the design/exchange/replace order may differently packed.

All the jewellery will be sealed at our special environmental friendly, reusable  jewellery pouch to prevent air, dust, water, scratches.

jewellery packing   packing image

* Once the seal is break not able to refund/exchange. We consider as already worn. 


2. Gift Box Packaging (optional)

Support complimentary 1 handwrite gift card (EN/KR only) & 1 gift box for each order. The packaging will be different by the each gift box and options.

● Redeem Complimentary Gift Box 

Can redeem any all kind of gift box, use [GIFTWRAP] 
Check our [Gift Box] options

● How to redeem?

...+ Read More


3. Standard Shipping Packaging

All DAYBLANC orders will be packed again with carton box before handover to the courier company. 

To prevent damage while delivery we packed safely into the strongly designed carton mailbox, and the inside will be wrapped with tissue paper/bubble wrap.

Will be looks like attached photo. 

basic delivery packing

* Depends on the order quantity/gift box option the box can be bigger/different shape but will be packed at carton box.

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