A/S Policy

If your jewellery is broken or spoiled please check here!

Our warranty is 15 days after you received the item, please check the date.

* We don't provide face-to-face repair. All must mail us the item and we'll send back to you. (Office is not available to visit.)

*The repair is depend on the design & item condition may not available

Repair is all must mail back to our Singapore office

Address : 69 Ubi Road 1, #06-20 (By Design office), Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408731

Attn : +65 8013 3091 (DAYBLANC)


● After-sales Service Policy


* In case of faulty break, item lost, fade colour (tarnish) is not included in the warrantyIt will be applying for repair with full price. (faulty break is including earring post break, bracelet & necklace chain break,)


* Once the earring post breaks we can't repair so please handle gently.


* Face colour (tarnish) is a natural phenomenon. Generally last for 1~2 years depends on how handled jewellery. When exposed at the air, water, oil, lotion, perfume, chemical factors, sweat it can be tarnish/discoloured faster. 

When not wearing please clean well and keep in the jewellery pouch that provided when purchased. (No sliding zipper bag or other jewellery boxes)


* We provide after-sales service until 15 days after you received the item
The timeline is accurately based on the delivery system record. 

(After that duration is tough to see our product problem.)


* For the repair please contact us vis IG/FB or WhatsApp message with a photo of the item status & ordering number.

* After-sales service is only available for DAYBLANC designs that purchased from our website. For A/S mail your item to our Singapore office address for repair [69 Ubi Road 1, #06-20 (By Design office), Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408731


* This is repair. Not able to make looks like a new design. But we'll try our best to make as same as new.


* Based on the status, will be a different fee, might not able to repair.