Policy (Exchange, Refund) – DAYBLANC
Policy (Exchange, Refund) - DAYBLANC

Policy (Exchange, Refund)

*Please check well and If you do not agree with our Policy please do not place an order*
- Disrespectful, hate speech, insulting our agents will not get any entertain and we will take legal action for that. Because we won't treat our customers like that and we always do our best to solve the issues. Our employees are a human being and someone's beloved family member. 
(For those who don't know how to respect each other please do not buy from us.)
● Refund & Exchange Policy
Our designs are customised handmade, once place orders our designs are working on for the order and all 100% sealed items after received order, and once open our packaging is damaged and our designers, staffs labour and time also already spend. Therefore we don't provide change of mind refund as cash/creditcard refund
Please check well before open, and if anything please contact us before open the pouch, within 12h
(we are using specially customized security label sticker once open can see open or not. And packed at transparent pouch can see inside items clearly.)
After received the design all the exchange/refund will be only processed via store credits. (unless received delivered incorrect design, received in damaged status.)
* In case of within warranty period we can't provide repair we'll refund as store credit depends on the status & timeline. (depends on the situation the amount will be 0~100%  refund as a store credit, and the credit will expire 12 months later.

After the order has been shipout all the exchange/refund will be only processed via store credits. (unless cancel order before shipout-before recive the tracking number. Damaged/lost/incorrect item also all refund via store credit. No cash/credit card refund avaialble)

* In case of within warranty period we can't provide repair we'll refund as store credit depends on the status & timeline. (depends on the situation the amount will be 0~100% refund as a store credit, and the credit will expire 12 months later. After the warranty period is not possible for any refund/exchange)

● Wrongly input shipping address will not have any refund. (Once returned will cost a redelivery fee as the current shipping rate and it is not available for any shipping discount/promo. And arrange re-delivery only possible 60days after returned. After that the order will be disposal and not able for re-delivery. Once already send out please contact to the courier company for further assistance to change the shipping address.)

● For overseas orders when we sent incorrect items it will proceed as a store credit refund. (Not exchange or send a new item. Or a cash/credit card refund.)

● For overseas, not matching names with ID/passport can be get fine. Depends on the order amount may need to pay the tax to receive the item and that can cause delays. (the tax/fine is not our responsibility. For more details about tax information please check each country's regulation.)

● Earring post break, certain chain break, certain parts missing will not able to repair. And discounted items are not able to refund/exchange. 

● We record all our design status after display jewellery pouch. When request damaged after received, we'll check our record first. And in the case of our video has no faulty on the design, we won't provide any refund/exchange. If in the case damaged while delivery the refund/exchange will be followed by the courier company policy. This process will take around 1~ 60 working days depends on the country & courier company.

● Change of mind refund only proceeds as store credit refund when return back to us before remove/damage the safety seal with not damaged good condition. (only available when the safety seal is not damaged, within 12h after complete delivery. Have to return to our office address and the shipping fee is born to customer. Applied promo/shipping discount/gift/customization fee will be deducted by the final refund amount. In case of we didn't receive/didn't arrive in the original condition the refund will not proceed and we will not send it back. and the store credit expire after 1 year.)

● In some cases, depending on the shipping cost, the parcel may be discarded; the customers will be held responsible for the loss caused and no refund/exchange will be issued.
● For overseas orders when we sent incorrect items it will proceed as a refund. (Not exchange or send a new item.)
● For overseas, not matching names with ID/passport can be get fine. Depends on the order amount may need to pay the tax to receive the item and that can cause delays. (the tax/fine is not our responsibility. For more details about tax information please check each country's regulation.)
● For overseas orders when we sent incorrect items it will proceed as a refund. (Not exchange or send a new item.)
● Sample images of unavailable for refund/exchange status
(even before open, contact us within 12h this is not available.)
* Due to our design is handmade, may have some difference at designs.
We can't avoid this 100% because it's not made with the machine.
* Similar status with attached images are all not available for exchange or refund reason. If you mind please do not purchase. 
1) The minor difference at the metal shape
[ ↑ These kind of metal shape difference are not available for refund/exchange ]
2) The minor shape difference 
[ ↑ Not a perfect circle shape ]
3) The minor colour difference 
[ ↑ A bit more white colour ]
4) The minor scratches 
[Especially when making the shape of stone or imprint the S925/letters, the back side may have some scratches due to the manufacturing process.]
● Sample images of available for refund/exchange status
(only before open, contact us within 12h this is available.)
[ ↑ Dropped cubic before open ]        [ ↑ Damaged item before open ]
Break chain, the broken post also included, with non damaged safty sealed sticker jewellery pouch photo. (Jewellery has to be placed inside.)
The item is packed as the transparent pouch that you can check front & back clearly. Each design separately. 
Therefore after open is we agree as a customer's faulty break, even it's attached image condition we can't support refund/exchange. 
Only before open, contact us within 12h after the parcel arrived. (timeline will remain as history.) 
*Please check well before open! and any problem contact us ASAP (within 12h after the parcel arrived)*
* Once we pack your order (received tracking number), not exchangeable or refundable unless goods are (1) received already damaged status that can't wear & didn't open or (2) we send incorrect item & didn't open, (3) before we pack your order (before receiving the tracking number)
*(1) only in the case of a cubic/stone drop or can't wear status are available. If damaged by delivery, the responsibility is on the courier company. Please claim it to the company. If it's not please contact us.
(the metal part's minor difference at shape problems are not defected or made wrongly. It can happen while making the design. Also, not a status of can't wear and doesn't affect overall designs. So it's not a reason for refund or exchange. If it clearly has a problem our packing staffs will filter so very low chance receive the real problem item.)
*As already written and you agreed (1),(2) must be a status that it's not opened. That you need to prove as clear picture that our designer's handwritten label is still safe. Once open, we agreed that it's customers faulty break or already worn so we can't give any refund/exchange.

* As DAYBLANC designs are all 1:1 completely handmade product, products may differ in length, colour, pattern, size and scratches & minor defects may occur in the manufacturing process. Items are not refundable due to minor variance in design specifications or minor scratches/defects that don't affect to wear is not a reason for the refund. (such as a bit different shape of the metal shape, or due to over poured metal, or due to air have some hole etc. status are not considered as a refund or exchange status.)

* The problems caused by ordered wrongly, didn't read or didn't follower our order instructions are not a responsibility to us. In that case, we can't give any support. Please read well our design details well. If you found please contact us via IG DM, before we pack your order. (after place order within few mind~2h, after that high chance already packed.)

* After open, when you try to remove from earring card and break the post or dropped stone is not a reason of refund or exchange. We agree as it's due to customer's faulty break. (In this case, the broken post is not impossible to repair. please handle the jewellery gently.)

* Please contact us within 12 hours of received the item that if there is a damaged & not opened or incorrect item found that haven't open for exchange. After 12h/open, we agree that it's worn already. So that won't able to exchange or refund. (Due to our items are touching skin for the hygiene reason we are not able to resell. Also, the customer's faulty break is not our product problem. Therefore not able to give a refund or exchange. After that is if you really sure it's clean status recommend to resell to other people.)
* After 12h or open the pouch, earring post-break is not a reason for exchange or refund. If the earring post have problem due to manufacturing process, will able to see before open or should already break before open the pouch. Due to we are agreed that the product is received in good condition, it is a faulty brake. The earring post is very thin&fragile please handle gently. When using force in the wrong direction or didn't handle gently may break.

* When exchange or refund the product (3) must include the packaging and have to pack the same status as first received, (4) have to send back to our office, (5) after received the items we check the items. When we check it's clean & never worn or opened, contained all the goods same condition that we sent, we'll give a refund or exchange. And in case of applied free shipping discount, the shipping fee will not include in the refund or exchange. Due to already received the service. And only for the case of we send the incorrect item or the item is faulty. In the case of any (3), (4), (5) is missing we will minus the price from refund/exchange amount. (Our designed pouch, earring card, when there's a gift, the gift also have to come together. If not we'll refund you after minus the price, based on our selling price of each item.)
* All the refund/exchange will processed via store credits and the amount will be depends on the how serious defect that can't wear. Minor defects are will will refunded lesser amount. 

* Silver 925 is a soft material and may bend with force. Silver 925 products are non-refundable due to post-purchase damage. (after received, once you open we can't help you for refund or exchange even it's damaged. If damaged must send a picture before open. If not we will consider as it's not our product faulty. It will be considered as a customer's faulty break. So it will be not able to refund or exchange. Post break is not able to repair.)

* In our website the size of the product is well documented.
In case of wrongly ordered size or misunderstanding of the size is not able to refund or exchange. (if you want to amend your order please contact us ASAP within few min~2h after place order. But if we already packed your order amend is not available.)

* Please request for damage or loss investigation within 2 days of delivery complete.

* Customer is responsible for providing incorrect shipping address.
(Won't able to refund/exchange, will be disposal after 60 days of returned. Will be charged extra re-delivery fee.)

* Tariffs may be incurred and charged according to customs standards of the arrival country.

* After we pack your order, not able to change/return/exchangeable.

* Lost/damaged while delivery, please contact to the courier company that attached at tracking number. And follow their instruction.

* In case of damaged while delivery please take a photo of the outer box. And if received an incorrect or damaged item please do not remove the safety sticker and take the photo, contact us within 12H after delivered.

* In case of an investigation, damage investigation is not possible if the damaged outer box photo, inner product photo (never remove the safety sticker), and damaged part photo are not submitted.

* Partial refunds are not available for partially returned items that are processed according to inconsistencies or non-customs clearance. 

* We don't provide any refund or exchange for incorrect address order.

※ We do not guarantee any shipping timeline all is estimated delivery timeline, the actual shipping may be faster/slower than that. Also, we do not accept any refund/exchange inquiries caused by shipping delays. If needed on a certain timeline please make sure have enough time and if can't accept any delays of shipping please do not place any order from us. We try our best to send it out ASAP but we cannot be responsible for the unexpected shipping incidents. If you have a preferred shipping method please contact us. As long as the courier company come and pick up from our office we are willing to change the shipping company for you. 

All normal delivery damaged/lost delivery covers a maximum of S$55 above that the courier company do not support for the refund. (In case of lost/missing parcel later they found and complete delivery customer have to refund back the amount received back.) If you want to protect your order full amount please select "Premium" or "EMS Premium" delivery option.

※ Any issues caused by shipping the refund will be up to the courier company. Once they accept that as their fault and if they agreed to refund the refund will be made. If any of the cases they don't accept it will not be made any refund. 

※ If customer claim chargeback, or repeated cancelling the account can be permanently ban.
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