Refund Application

We apologize for any issues you have experienced with receiving the wrong or damaged design. Please follow the instructions below to apply for a refund.

Due to the high volume of messages we receive daily, please submit your request through the following page to ensure that it is not missed and for faster follow-up.

  • Please note that refunds are only available for customers who have not opened the pouch and received the items for less than 12 hours after delivery. Once the pouch has been opened or more than 12 hours have passed since the completion of delivery, it is considered that the customer has agreed that the design is in good condition and any damages occurred after that time are the responsibility of the customer. If you have opened the pouch, please submit an after-sales service (A/S) application.  
  • A/S Application

Our Refund Policy:

Refunds are only available in the following cases: ➀ received incorrect design, ➁ received damaged design (not caused by courier company), ➂ not opened the safety seal + ➃ within 12 hours of receiving the item, ⑤ lost/missing during delivery (not lost after delivery/returned to us), and ⑥ change of mind.

If you have received ➀ or ➁ (+ ➂ & ➃ : must), ⑤, or ⑥, please submit a refund application and we will get back to you after investigation.

In the case of ⑤, it may take 60+ working days to investigate the case. We recommend working with the courier company and submitting any relevant documents to expedite the refund process. If you choose to have us handle the investigation, it may take 90+ days to complete.

In the case of damage or loss during delivery, the refund will be handled by the courier company. The maximum available refund amount may be limited based on the shipping option, regardless of the actual price of the purchased item. If the item was damaged, please take a photo of the damaged outer box so that we can request an investigation. (If a photo is not provided, the damage will not be considered to have occurred during delivery.)

  • In the case of ⑤, if the item is later found and delivered, the refunded amount will be charged. And to proceed this required personal information so we can collect the fee once it delivered. If you do not want this please talk directly to the courier company for compensation.

If you meet all of the above conditions, please prepare the following: 1) order number, 2) photo of the ➀/➁ item in the ➂ condition + 1) optional (if your item was damaged during delivery), so that we can assess your case.

Once you submit the form, we will investigate your case and get back to you as soon as possible. If your order falls under ➀/➁ (+➂+➃)/⑤/⑥, we will confirm with you and process the refund. (You will receive an update via email and the refund amount will be issued as store credit.)

+ read more about policy

Submit the ➡️ Refund Application

  • Do not apply for a refund and A/S service at the same time.

If you have received your order for more than 12 hours or have already opened the pouch, please submit an A/S application (warranty period is 7 days after complete of the delivery).


  • To minimize orders from being missed or incorrect items being sent, we record all orders before they are sent out. If you submit a request, we will first investigate it with the video we have of the item before it was sent. (If you request, we can send you the original video.)
  • Our designs are completely handmade and are only created for the specific customer who places the order. Therefore, we do not offer refunds or exchanges for change of mind. However, if you still wish to request a refund, you must return the item to our office in Singapore and the refund will only be issued as store credit. We are not responsible for the return shipping fee. If the item is returned in any condition other than ➀, ➁, ➂, or ➃, a refund will not be possible. If a gift or discount on shipping was provided, the amount may be deducted from the final refund amount.
  • Even if we send an incorrect or damaged item, overseas orders are only eligible for store credit refunds. No exchanges or new items will be sent.
  • Store credit is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Sample of Store Credit Refund Amounts:

  1. "3 for 1 free" promo order want to refund $45 item: $45 - free item price(e.g.$32) - original shipping fee ($10/if remove this item not hitting the shipping fee promo) = $3 store credit
  2. Free shipping order: $40 item price - $3.50 original shipping fee = $36.50 store credit
  3. Added customization order: $32 item price + $3.50 added customization fee: $32 - $3.50 customization fee - ($12 original shipping fee, if not hitting the shipping fee promo amount) = $20 store credit
  4. Lost/damaged item due to delivery: The refund amount will be determine by the courier company side policy and result.
  5. Change of mind order refund paid by credit card/Paypal item by the payment method: $20 - credit card/Paypal service fee (follow the credit card/Paypal service 2.9~3.6% + USD 0.3~0.5 cent) = $19.08 (this fee is based on the credit card/Paypal receipt *Due to they do not proceed refund once the transaction is made.)
  6. Change of mind store credit refund $20 item : $20 

Thank you. 

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