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Refund Application

So sorry that you are received wrong or damaged/didn't received the design 🥺🙏 

Here is the page that you can apply for the refund.

Due to daily we receive a lot of DM/PM/Whatsapp please submit via this page to prevent we miss out your request and for the faster follow up!

Refund requires return the item. 

But, before submit please read again out policy!

* This is not available for the customers who already open the pouch or received the items and exceeded 12h after that. Once open the pouch or exceed 12h from the complete of the delivery, it is considered as already agreed with the design's condition is good and the damages are made after that, so we cannot provide and refund for that. If the case of open the pouch pleas submit A/S Application


Our Refund Policy

The refund is only available for case of ➀ received incorrect design, ➁ received damaged design, ➂ didn't open the safety seal + ➃ 12h after received, and lost/missing while delivery. (not for the lost after delivered/returned to us.), change of mind.

If you received ➀ or ➁ (+ ➂ & ➃ : must), ⑤, ⑥ case, please submit the refund application and after investigate we'll get back to you. 

For the case of  requires takes 60+ working days to investigate the case and please proceed this withe the courier company and submit the file to us. (this will be faster to proceed, if hand over this to us will takes 90+ days to investigate and proceed the refund.)


In case of damaged/lost while delivery, the refund will be proceed by courier company. And depends on the shipping option the maximum available refund amount will be limited regardless of the actual purchased item price. If damaged, you'll able to capture the damaged outer box so please 1) take photo of damaged outer box so we can request investigation. (If don't have the photo will not accept as damaged while delivery.)

* In case of ⑤, later found out and complete the delivery will be charged the refunded amount.)


If you are fit with all these condition, please prepare the 2) order number, 3) the photo of ➀/➁ item with ➂ condition +1) optional (if your item is damaged while delivery) so we can check on your case!


Once submit the form we'll investigate the case and will get back to you ASAP.


If your order is under ➀/➁(+➂+➃)/⑤ /⑥ after confirm with you and the refund will be proceed. (After confirmed you'll get update via email and will receive the amount as store credit.)


Submit the ➡️ Refund Application

* Do not apply together with A/S application. 

If your received your order more than 12h, already opened please submit as Apply A/S (warranty period is 7days after received design.



* To prevent miss out order or send incorrect item we record all the orders before send out. So if you submitted we'll investigate first with our video of before send out. The ➀ or ➁ case design, it is able to check from our video. (If you request we'll send you the original video)

* Our designs are 1:1 handmade order that we only work on to make your design only when you place order. Therefore we don't provide change of mind refund/exchange. Yet if you really want to get refund, it will be proceed as 4) you must returned the item to our office address (SG) and 5) the refund is only proceed as "Store credit" (we are not responsible for return shipping fee, if returned as any condition of ➀, ➁, ➂, ➃ case the refund is not possible. 6) If we provided gift/discount shipping fee, depends on the amount will deducted from the final refund amount.)

* Even though we send ➀, ➁ condition if removed the safety seal we consider as you are accept the item. Therefore not able for any refund/exchange. As jewellery is sensitive and fragile, directly contact with skin yet unlike cloth can't be washed. For hygiene reason we don't accept the refund/exchange. 

* Overseas orders are all proceed as store credit refund. No exchange or send new item. (even though we send incorrect or damaged item.)

* Store credit expire after 1 year

+ read more about policy


Change of mind refund
Sample of expected store credit refund for amount

For example

1)"3 for 1 free" promo order : refund item price ($45) - 1 free item price ($32) - original shipping fee ($10) = $3 will be given as store credit

2) 10% discounted order + free shipping + gift provided order : Refund item price ($30) - original shipping fee ($10) - gift ($2) = $18 will be given as store credit

3) Free shipping order : item price ($40) - original shipping fee ($3.50) = $36.5 will be given as store credit

4) Added customization order : item price ($32) + added customization ($3.50) - customization fee ($3.50) - original shipping fee ($12) = $20 will be given as store credit

5) Lost/damaged item due to delivery : item price ($85), depends on the shipping option will get back the maximum cap of the amount as store credit. For example for free/normal delivery support maximum (S$55) = $55 will be given as store credit
For the "EMS premium" option will get the full amount of refund. = $85 store credit.  


Thank you