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What is ear cuffs?

What is ear cuffs?


A small thick ring that is worn on the ear and stays on by pressing tightly on the ear: She was wearing an ear cuff in one ear. Ear cuffs give you the look of a piercing without being permanent.


Generally provide as 1 single side (left/right), with or without extra ear jewellery this will make you look more stylish ✨


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Q. Do I need ear piercing hole for ear cuffs?

A. No you don't need to have any. Ear cuffs are one of the perfect choice for no ear piercing customers.


Q. I feel uncomfortable / keep drop from my ear

A. It can be happened when not put on correctly.

In that case you can adjust the size by push/pull and also move around upper or lower part of your ear and you have to find best position for your ear.
What you can try is pull your ear and make thinner your ear can insert from that part. And try to move around and find the best position!