Restock Request – DAYBLANC
Restock Request - DAYBLANC

Restock Request

Hello, to hear more from you we created this page 🥰

We can't really restock what all we made last time, but we will try if possible.
So if you have a design that wanted to restock please leave a comment at here 😉


To request the design, please leave the design name if you want specific colour please leave the colour too! So we can check which design is that 💖

Recommend to have same name with our website/IG/FB post!  

Due to received some feedback of don't want to see sold out designs we are trying our best once sold out remove from website. 

To find the sold out designs recommend to check our IG/FB post 



Infinite Moon (Necklace)

Shining U (Premium Necklace) - Rose gold

Or you can just submit the image of the design!


Please submit the restock request at below form 🥰

Click the "Fill out form" to submit the request!

What kind of designs can restock?

When the design qualified these 3 we can restock.

1. Without "Won't restock" labeled designs

2. Requested by more than 5 customers

3. All the parts are still can produce

Why can't restock certain design?

Because jewellery is make with many small parts.
The crystal, pearl, chain, charm... in there any 1 part become can't produce anymore is the reason. 
The reasons of why can't produce anymore is, after time the mold can be damaged. Change of trend so not produce anymore, found out some issues of designs are the reason. 

Also, when we purchase lesser amount of materials the price will be increased a lot. In that case we don't proceed. 


Thank you for all your love always ❤️


* We can't check everyday, most probably we'll check when we are proceed new designs. So we can prepare about restock. Please consider this page as just leave a comment!

* For other inquiries or questions please contact us via IG | FB | WhatsApp 
Our CS agent working time is daily 11~5PM yet we'll try our best to get back to you ASAP. Please understand that they also need some rest 🙏

find out more at here ❛˓◞˂̵✧

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