I'm repeat customer, any discount?

 Purchased many times can I get a discount?

Sure! That's why we have our membership system.

If you purchased many times you'll have enough points to redeem the benefits 🥰  Check your points and redeem the benefits that you want 💓

(for more information please click the right bottom side floating gift box button)

Also, you can get 3 for $65, 5 for $99 discount or you can search our "special offer" designs 💖

And we send out VIP, VVIP special promo-code sometimes :) 

If you are qualified will received the promo-code

+ To find out more about VIP, VVIP rank click here!


 Purchasing a huge amount?

If you want to place bulk (wholesale) order contact us! 
We have wholesale price too ☺️ 

Wholesale will be start from 1K order. 

If you see some shop can nego the price, their system is different with us. Generally, it can be nego the price when they are getting very low price from China. But we know that cheap & high-quality at same time is not possible at jewellery industry. The reason is good materials are not cheap, but bad materials are much cheaper and can make much more with same amount. Also, the vermeil/plating skill is different by country with different price. So far we believe Korea is the best choice. We do have our standard of quality & design. So our price is fixed to maintain that.  

And our price is made based on our designers, the employee's fair labour cost. By purchase our designs you are supporting that they deserve fair labour fee. The discount is still someone is taking a lesser salary. Please consider their effort too. All our promotion is based on every of our company member's agreement. Due to this reason, our CS agents are not authorised to create discount code unless it's following below reason. 

* Customer is unable to apply received promo code due to a system error. 
(except apply multiple promos, apply for incorrect collection/item, the condition is not met.)

Thank you.

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