My jewellery is broken – DAYBLANC
My jewellery is broken - DAYBLANC

My jewellery is broken

●  Most common problem

▸ Broken Chain : 

Most of the case is due to twisted or pulled by force.

If it's just opened the "O" shape ring. 

You are able to fix it at home just follow below 3 step instruction!






If you lost the "O" shape ring or not able to fix contact us!


  Dropped Stone / Cubic :

It happened by hitting or drop the jewellery over time.

The best way is you still have the dropped stone/cubic. 

If you don't have the dropped stone/cubic it might not able to repair.

Please contact us with the photo.

And if you have the dropped stone/cubic, you can attach it with glue yourself!

We recommend using E6000 or B6000 glue. This glue is waterproof and suitable for glass or stone/cubic attaching.

Generally, before the design is sold out will be able to fix.

When you are not able to fix it mail us together with the dropped stone/cubic.

(Without the dropped stone/cubic part it might different with other stone/cubic.)


If you are not able to repair DIY please click below link to apply our repair service. 


*The repair is depend on the design & item condition may not available


▸ Apply repair 

find out more at here ❛˓◞˂̵✧

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