Jewellery Care – DAYBLANC
Jewellery Care - DAYBLANC

Jewellery Care

This is the post about how to take care jewellery well.

To keep it avoid to be tarnished & how to remove the tarnished part.


▶︎ All other material jewellery

1. Wear the jewellery at the last before you go out.

(Put makeup, wear dress first!)

2. After came back home, remove the jewellery first. Before take-off dress. 

* Because mostly the jewellery damaged when changing dress.

3. After wearing or when you are not wearing wipe with a dry cloth.

* When you wipe too strong with the silver polishing cloth the plating might clean up together use carefully.

4. Keep how you receive. Keep in the DAYBLANC zip lock pouch. If you don't have, keep in the zipper bag or some sealed place. 

*Do not keep in slider ziplock* this won't able to seal from the air. 

When you see it's actually still open. So when you put in water will wet means it's not sealed.


(recommend keeping just like the photo to avoid air! And nicely arrange the jewellery that doesn't tangle each other. If you want to give extra care keep in a zipper bag and then store at lock&lock container is a very good way.)


▶︎ Brass based jewellery

1. Do not wear when you do exercise, swim, shower, sauna.

2. Do not wear when you go to seawater.

* Most of the metal is vulnerable at salt

3. After wearing or when you are not wearing wipe with a dry cloth. Do not use policing cloth or silver cleaner & recommend to use eyewear cloth. 

* When you wipe with the silver cleaner or polishing cloth the plating will peel off

4. Keep it in the zipper bag or some sealed place. (Same as the photo!) 

When you do shower recommend take off jewellery first.

But if you high chance to forget to bring back the jewellery from the bathroom, just wear it and shower!

Keep jewellery in the bathroom is very bad for brass-based jewellery.


Brass & silver-based jewellery are vulnerable at sweat, water, dust, skin oil, lotion, humid, perfume, saltwater, oil(quite many skin products contain oil). 


If brass based design tarnished, no way to turn back 😢

But these tips will help you to maintain the colour for a long time.


▶︎ Silver jewellery

The way how to keep is same as brass based jewellery.

When you left in water or oil for a long time it can make silver tarnished. We recommend wiping it with a polishing cloth or silver cleaner & store it in an airtight container such as a zipper bag or lock&lock container. 

* When you use polishing cloth or silver cleaner, the plating will peel off.


But, silver can return the colour with a silver polishing cloth. But only apply for non-plated pure silver part only. When you do this way the coated part will peel off. 


▶︎ How to remove tarnished part

You can try these 4 ways to turn back the 925 silver.


‣ Silver Polishing Cloth (Easy, best way)

1. Prepare the silver polishing cloth 

2. Rub the tarnished part

* Only rub the non-plated part. If used on the plated part this can wipe out the plating too. And our polishing cloth contained coating + glossy effect that will make the jewellery last longer from tarnishing.


‣ Foil

1. Put the foil on the bowl, put the silver jewellery on it.

2. Pour warm water into the bowl and sprinkle some salt.

3. Wait 30 mins.

* This way, the aluminium electrons in the foil reduce the silver before the silver tarnished and return it to its an original state without loss of silver.


‣ Toothpaste 

1. Apply toothpaste to a dry cloth & rub the tarnished part for 5 mins.

2. Rub with your finger and rinse with water.

3. Remove the water with a clean cloth.

* Recommend using your finger or cloth as much as possible. Avoid using toothbrush or scrubbers. Because they can scratch the jewellery.



Similar to using toothpaste but you don't need to wash.

1. Apply lipstick to a dry cloth/tissue & rub the tarnished part.

2. Remove the leftover lipsticks with a clean cloth/tissue.

* Lipstick has a was component that can be used to cleanse & gloss.

But if the part have uneven surface the lipstick can be stuck in the part and it's very tough to remove. Recommend to use only flat surface design.


Hope this post is helpful to you 🥰