About Material

● 18K/16K Gold / Rose gold / OR vermeil brass / S925 (Hypoallergenic)

18k/16k gold/rose gold/OR dipped brass/S925


 OR vermeil Brass (Hypoallergenic)

Original rhodium dipped brass.


 925 Silver / Sterling Silver / S925 (Hypoallergenic)

A very soft so can't really use 100% due to shape maintenance and durability.

Therefore by law contain 92.5% of silver is considered pure silver.

When keep exposed at oil, water, air may cause tarnished.

But, can make it clean. If the material is not coated(vermeil / plated with other colour), you can use silver cleaner. 

If you use silver cleaning tools might the coating (vermeil / plated colour) can be wipe out.


 Solid S925 (Hypoallergenic)

The whole parts is made of 92.5% sterling silver


 Titanium (Hypoallergenic)

Durable, strong at scratch and tarnish.

Very dark colour even do vermeil/plating can't hide the darkness.
So don't really use at whole jewellery part. 


 Nickel-free (Hypoallergenic)

Nickel-free vermeil/plated brass.


 Gold (Hypoallergenic)

Solid Gold is the only material that never tarnished.

Generally 50 times more expensive than solid silver.

24k solid gold is very soft, not easy to maintain the shape.
There is 10k, 14k, 18k, 24k. It's unit notation wich how much contain the gold.

The compost is 10k = 41.7%, 14k = 58.5%, 16k = 66.7%, 18k = 75.0%, 24k = 99.99% of gold and the rest filled with alloy. ( k = karat )


 OR (Hypoallergenic)

A very good material to use at jewellery. It's strong at scratch & tarnishes. Excellent gloss, more white in colour. 

But around 20 times more expensive than gold. So many factories mix other materials at rhodium to reduce the price. 

Therefore separate rhodium as IR (Imitation Rhodium) & OR (Original Rhodium). And the difference between IR & OR is can't see with eyes.

OR vermeil is more expensive than normal IR vermeil.

And we only use OR.


 Lab-grown Diamond / Diamond substitute stone (Hypoallergenic)

We use environmental friendly artificially man made cubic. This is not a real diamond. Also call as zirconia. Much dazzling and durable than glass made swarovski stones.


 Rhinestone (Hypoallergenic) 

From crystal glass or polymers such as acrylic.  


 Nickel-free (Hypoallergenic)

Nickel-free vermeil/plated brass.


 Difference between the plating/vermeil/filled/solid (Hypoallergenic)

Right side is more expensive way to produce.



And we do have Solid S925 designs. Search "Solid" will see the search results.


* Post is only the earring post. Whole S925 is indicated as Whole S925. Due to the earring body is not really touching skin, doesn't have to be use more expensive S925 materials. This is a way to make the better price with good quality. Most of the silver parts are imprinted as S925 on the surface.


* We are pursue eco-friendly jewellery. These Days the artificial stones are very good quality. Just like we against to the animal-test cosmetics, we against natural stones. It is more pricey and bad for environments. Mining the mountain, use chemicals to wash away, chopp all the trees are taking territory of a lot of animals.


* Our materials are hypoallergenic, but may vary depending on individual constitution.