Cloth Care Tip

Generally our clothes are recommended to do 1st wash as a dry clean.
For jeans recommend to not wash as much possible and if you need to wash do as delicate wash in cold water. If not will shorten the lifespan.
Generally clothes are once wash, the materials will be shrink or twisted while washing that the texture will be not same as before and that cause different shape after dry. 
But for hot weather how to not wash after worn?
So, please check the materials and please follow the washing guide by each material to prevent extreme shape change/colour transfer after wash.
And for soft, delicate materials be careful from the scratch & rubbing. 
Especially for bright colour outfits sometime the bag colour can be transferred when rubbed on surface. And please take extra care for bright (white/ivory/cream/beige) colour of cloth when store. If keep it long time with any dirt/dust/oil will make stains with yellow~orange colour. 
Also, soak for a long time in bleach can melt the material.
Generally the artificial material is the easiest to maintain, long lasting, affordable material than wool, cotton, silk, real animal leather.

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