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Our Designs

We Are High Quality Semi Jewellery Brand.
DAYBLANC is a Korea (South) & Singapore based jewellery brand focused on quality and unique design by Korean designer with vegan materials.

We strive to sooth your heart, turn on light of your beautiful part, and make you love yourself.

Our designs reflect own beauty spot and find perfect match for each person by provide beauty knowledge.
Our mission is to make you feel happy and beautiful with positive mind with support your care about earth and animals.

Our Business Ethics

We believe everyone should happy and love yourself. So do our employees.

For our employees, we believe happy employees are the most important and this will make better quality with better service.
Our price included fair labour fee to the designer, staff, workers. 
And we appreciate their hard work and passion.

For environmental part we use vegan materials such as  recycle gold/rose gold/silver, lab-grown diamond that don't hurts the nature.
We don't use animal abused fur and leather that hurts animals.
Also, we are keep developing better, lesser packaging with environmental friendly materials such as paper, pouch, reusable, recycled materials.

For our customers we provide sincere informations about our jewellery. 
We won't lie to you. We know some are not. 
We are different with them, we are not into just get 1 more sales.
We are sincerely want that those who really love our idea wanted to worn our designs. And we provide fair policy to you.

What Your Purchase Means To Us

Your fair purchase means to us you are agree that employees are deserve fair labour fee.
Also, mean you are supporting environmental friendly designs. Support animal friendly designs.
And we believe this may not so fast but will change the world to better place.
It means you want to save our planet, want to change to a better world.
And for that we will find more, better way, to support your actions!

Thank you to read this page, wish your great day, 
let's make the world to a better place together!

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