Earring post customization

How does it looks like? How does it work?

We do have total 3 types of post options.


1. Silicon Clip-on

This is very light, transparent colour, 100% hypoallergenic.

Won't really strongly press your ear, lighter weight. 

Recommended for small stud type or thin and long drop designs.

2 ways design will be display together or front and back depends on the design. If you have any specific preference on that please leave a comment on the "Earring selection" part.

* Do not pull the post from the silicon clip-on may cause detach. Just pull by silicon clip-on itself only.

silicon-clip-onsilicon clip-on 2silicon clip-on 3


2. Silicon Post

Recommended to allergic customers. 

If you worried about it this earring post will work well on you.

Only rubber clutch will work well with this post.

silicon post 1silicon post 2


3. Metal Screw back Clip-on converter (Magic Clip-on)

Recommended for all clip-on customers, good for big & bold designs.

This clip-on is able to change any earring to clip-on type. 

Also able to adjust the pressure yourself.

For now this is DIY version. To get this magic clip-on click [Magic clip-on].

Magic clip-on1Magic clip-on2Magic clip-on3


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