Necklace chain customization

How does it work? How does it looks like?

The most popular size is around 40cm. If you like to wear longer recommend 45~70cm, if you like to wear shorter recommended 35~40cm.

Shorten length will be remain as same material, longer customization will be done as S925 chain. The colour will be Silver/Gold/Rose gold by follow the original design.


▸ 00cm+Adjustable chain

Size : 00cm+6cm

Colour : Silver, Rose gold, Gold
Material : Solid S925
You can freely adjust the 6cm length by adjust the ball the circled on the photo.

adjustable chain


▸ 00cm

The closing part will be follow the original design.

In case of the design is originally made as adjustable/extension chain and if you don't want any extension please leave a note of that at "Additional Info"


▸ S.Steel chain

The colour will be bit more darker and chain is thicker than S925 chain.

Size : length is 41~16cm + normal 6cm extension chain

Colour : Silver, Rose gold, Gold

Material : Stainless Steel (surgical steel, 18K)

If you want to change to S.Steel (=stainless/surgical steel) please leave a note at "Additional Info" and the length customization for this is unavailable.

And we will change the only necklace chain to this S.Steel necklace. 

(Pendant will remain as original material.)

For more details about the chain click the photo!

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