About Payment

We accept credit card, bank transfer, Grab Pay (only SG), Google Pay

(only SG), Paypal, SGQR (only SG)

For overseas customers recommend credit card, Paypal.

(these are easier and faster for you! Most of the bank transfer takes longer, and scan QR payment is not eligible for overseas country.)


Once complete order you'll received the confirmation email will including our bank details, Grab Pay, Google Pay, SGQR (same with bank transfer) QR code is attached 🥰

In case missed out we attached here too!

For more details please click the QR code. (Google Pay please scan the SGQR)

Grab paySGQR

+ I want to change my payment as Paypal 


To change the payment method please contact us via IG | FB | WhatsApp

We'll send you new link that you can change the payment method ❤️