Haven't received my order! – DAYBLANC
Haven't received my order! - DAYBLANC

Haven't received my order!

We provide the tracking number & url so you can track your order.

Please check well your delivery status first! 

And if you see "delivered" please contact to the courier company before exceed 2~3 days. Due to courier company policy, when exceed certain days after received the item they don't support any support for that. (The timeline will be different by the courier company but recommend contact ASAP.)


Tracking History - Delivery is unsuccessful?

This means miss out the delivery or the address is incorrect.


● Ninja van - Solution 

ASAP check your email from Ninja van and check the reason of unsuccessful. If the reason is incorrect address, please reply them ASAP with the correct address within maximum 2 days of received the email to amend the address! When miss out the time, they will rescheduled to send back to us. If you see "Parcel delivery has been rescheduled" the address can't be amend anymore. 

* If you received the courier company as Ninja van, please contact them directly with the received tracking number  for any delivery assist 

  • support_sg@ninjavan.co (email)

  • +65 6602 8271 (call) 

* The item is not with us we can't help you  ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ ) and it's faster way to solve contact them without us. 


● Next day delivery  - Solution 

In this case please check the status and contact us ASAP. They will try 3 delivery attempts. We'll ask about it to your express delivery service. (please provide order number/email that we can check about the shipping info.)

In the case of wrongly provided address by customer/stolen by put outside case we can't help. 


● Overseas  - Solution 

In this case contact to the local post office ASAP. If they advice to contact us please contact us. Generally to investigate the case will take up to 60 working days. For delays/lost/damaged case. And the post office will refund you when the post office accept it as their faulty. (any refund of delivery issues are not directly made from our side.) In the case of wrongly provided address by customer/stolen by put outside case we can't help. And if returned to us will cost re-delivery fee.

* If any case of delivery issues (delays/lost) the best way is keep contact to the post office. If recipient is quiet they will just move over to the next case. Because we still have a lot of parcels to send out we can't really argue or keep pushing them for the results 🙏 (But we can help you to submit better refund application with our evidence of our packing video and parcel receipt)


Haven't received but "Delivered" with exclamation mark? or returned to sender?

delivered exclamation mark

When you check the Tracking History will see "Successfully returned to sender"

It means all their 3 delivery attempt was failed or wrongly typed address. And your order has return back to us.  ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )

And when you check your email you'll see the emails from us and Ninja van with the reason of why failed at delivery.  

* Overseas/next day delivery doesn't support this yet they will delivery to you when provided correct address, name, contact number.


● Solution for all

Once returned to us, we'd love to send back to you again ''

The re-delivery fee is based on your country.
(Free shipping amount also will cost re-delivery fee.)

Within SG, re-delivery will be charged $3.50

Overseas will be different based on your country and we'll let you know cost how much. 

Please contact us by click below hyperlink to arrange the redelivery!

IG | FB | WhatsApp


And as our T&C that agreed when place order, once the item has returned we will keep it for maximum 60 days. After that the order will be disposal. Due to our design is 1:1 handmade items, we don't provide any refund/exchange to the incorrect address order. Please contact us ASAP to arrange the re-delivery, once your order has been returned to seller!


▸ Haven't received but says "Delivered" to you? 

Please check your mailbox first. And if you typed incorrect address please contact to the courier company that you received.

If you set as drop at door step the lost is no one will take responsibility 🥺 

Mostly our courier company will contact you before delivery please make sure someone can received the parcel. 

In this case we'll ask to courier company to investigate about it, and the result will be 100%  up to their reply.

* If you received the courier company as Ninja van, please contact them directly with received tracking number for any delivery assist 

  • support_sg@ninjavan.co (email)

  • +65 6602 8271 (call)

* In the case of overseas please contact to the local post for that.
If contact to us it will take average 60 working days to check Singpost & local post office both side. 


● Recommended Solution 

If your place have CCTV recommended to check that at the delivered time or contact to the delivery person/local post.

And if your parcel is stolen by someone please call a police to solve this case.

Sorry to say this there is nothing much we can help you in this case ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )


Check our ▸ Refund & Exchange Policy

Check our ▸ After-sales Service Policy

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