Jewellery Q&A (shower,tarnish,etc)

Can I wear daily? 

Yes, our semi jewellery is for daily :)
But, just clean well after wearing the dust, oil part and keep in the provided  jewellery pouch to avoid exposed at air & dust.


Will it be tarnish?

Sadly, yes. All the material except real gold will tarnish one day. But the gold also when keep together with S925 material the gold absolve the silver the gold colour change to a darker colour. So do not wear or keep together real gold & silver. You get from where it’s all same. But if they said no maybe they just try to sell you or didn’t study about the jewellery.
The real gold jewellery is very soft and easily get scratched and after time fade the colour due to scratches. And 50 times more expensive than silver.

But, we have good solution for you! Silver is the only material that can remove the tarnish part!

So our semi jewellery is combine the 90~92.5% of real silver with brass or other materials to make it more durable with affordable price.

And anyone can easily clean the tarnish part with our [Silver Polishing Cloth] and our item included coating ingredients so it will make stronger at tarnish + glossy effect is additional!

Except silver & gold all the rest materials are once tarnish no way to recover. The only way is do plating again, but that will be much expensive than purchase new design.

* Do not keep real gold & real silver together it can make the gold colour darker.


How to care jewellery?

The procedure of wearing is complete your outfit first until hair&makeup.
After that wear jewellery. When you comeback home, remove the jewellery first. Most common case of damaged jewellery is hook at hair or cloth and break.

After that, bring the zipper bag & soft dry cloth, clean well all the part with cloth and keep in a zipper bag to avoid exposed air&dust.

Brass base (Vermeil/plated with original rhodium/silver/gold/rose gold)
: Recommend to not touch water, oil ingredients (perfume, lotion etc.)

Once tarnish can’t recover.


Titanium, Surgical, Stainless steel

:Also will tarnish one day. It is hypoallergenic and strong at rust & water. But if anyone said will never fade or tarnish that is not correct information. This also the silver colour will last longer than gold & rose gold colour. Rose gold colour will turn in to gold colour after time. Just more durable than other materials. Same treatment with other materials. 

Avoid keeping soak at the water for a long time, humid place. Do not keep with rust items or under the direct sunlight for a long time that can cause tarnish/rust. To plated colour need to avoid oil ingredient (perfume, lotion, etc)

925 Silver (Vermeil/plated with gold/ rose gold)
: Recommend to not touch water, oil ingredients (perfume, lotion etc.)
Once tarnished the vermeil/plating depends on the plating can’t recover the colour. When use silver polishing, might remove the vermeil/plating too.

925 Silver (Pure/original rhodium)
: Recommend to not contact with water, oil ingredients.
Once tarnish use the silver cleaning items can easily clean the tarnish part. We recommend our silver polishing cloth! You can google it for other methods to clean silver.


If you already touched water dry fully ASAP. Do not let the jewellery wet and exposed in the air for a long time.

If it’s sea water recommend to remove all the sea salt part. If not will tarnish very fast.


Is it hypoallergenic?

Yes! All of our designs are hypoallergenic. Most of the skin allergy is caused by Nickel. So we don’t use that ingredient at surface. But the allergy is too different by person we can’t tell will never happen.

Some more sensitive skin is also affect by other materials. Even the silver also 7.5% is not silver for the strength & durability as jewellery.

And also even the post is silver still when the skin is very sensitive also can caused other parts of jewellery.

Best recommendation is get is as all made as 925 silver or vermeil/plated design.

Please consider well before purchase.

And if after time the vermeil, plating removed from the surface might feel allergic. In that case you can apply any nail polish on the surface to prevent allergy. (Generally in Korea transparent colour nail polish are most commonly used)

The nail polish will completely coat the surface so any of the material that irritate your skin will no longer touching your skin! 

But do not apply too thick it may increase the thickness and dry well before wear.



Why the earring post is partly black/darker part?

This is a natural phenomenon. When vermeil the earring post some part has to be held to do this work. So it is a mark from that process. This is not faulty. This is a way to make the post more hypoallergenic. This can be different by design and the colour! Mostly gold vermeil has more of that. But that is not a bad thing don't worry about that!