Any 1st Buy Promo?

 Any 1st Buy Promo?

Yes, we have! By sign up our Free membership, you are already earning points! 

You can get 5 for $99, 3 for $65 discount.
And our price is included our staff, CS, A/S, designer's a fair labour fee

Your fair purchase means to us they deserve the fair labour fee

When you join as a member will have more benefits.
For more details click the floating gift box button!

We are more of give back what we received ❤️
Other shops may give 1st buy promo they won't give back to you how many times you order from them! When you see as long term our way is more benefits to you. 

Every $1 spend, we will reward you with our point!
I've also done a lot of shipping but not many shops doing this way 😉
And you can use it when you order next time 🥰
Also, very easy to earn. 

* For overseas customers, currently we do have special promo of above S$100, Free air-mail delivery! (start from Sep 26, 2020 can be end at anytime without notice.)


 What is Membership?

    Membership is a system to give back the loves that we received from our customers.💓

    It's Free! Join us as a member and redeem the points 💖

    When you join as our member you can get more benefits 🥳

    Only members can get reward points, vouchers, birthday vouchers, special discount etc ❤️


     How to join as Member?

    That's easy & free to join. Follow these 3 steps!

    1. Click this floating-gift-box-button button at the right bottom side! 🎁

    2. Click the [Join now] button 💓

    3. Follow the instructions that the page shows you 🥰

    That's it! Very quick and easy right? 😉

    Yey! Now you are one of our Member 🥳

    You can get all the benefits! 😆💖

    *Also able to see all the ways to earn points & ways to redeem when you click this floating-gift-box-button button❣️


    To find out how to earn/redeem click → How to earn/redeem points?