Worry it's not fit to my size

Don't worry 😉 Before place order, we provide accurate size for every design & size guide for you!
(But it's all manual work, some designs may missed out or incorrect. In that case please let us know! We'll ASAP work on that!)

If you find out the size is not fit for you before place order, we provide customization options for the bracelet, necklace. Click the hyperlink to top up size customization. And we do some free-size bracelet too.

For after-sales (forgot to top up & already received) customization, please check "Repair Bracelet" or "Repair Necklace" first after that contact us via

IG | FB | WhatsApp message ❤️ 


Generally, we provide a very detail size guide for every design.

So, please check well the size before purchase.

We write down the size as "cm/mm"  also have weight as "g (gram)"
you are able to measure the size with a ruler.

When you try that will know it's fit or not. We also provide the size guide for the bracelet, necklace, ring. Please check well.

Also, provide how to measure your size ☺️ so after this you'll never fail at the online shopping by size!


+ Here is the size guide ❤️

1) Necklace


2) Bracelet


3) Ring


Now goodbye to the not fitting designs 👋