Due to covid-19, the overseas may have effects to the delivery service.

And we provide the data of buring 1~3 months of result of how long take to received in your country!


Things to Note:

  • Due to the on-going COVID-19 situation, all small items with tracking service will be delivered to the letterbox. Please check your letterbox if your item status reflects delivered. International shipments will be substantially delayed due to global border closures.
  • During inside the flight, won't have delivery update. (The tracking won't have update after "Parcel Departed from Sender Nation" due to the parcel is inside flight. After arrived will resume the notification. If you want to find out more details while in flight please check this page below article. )
  • If you have any enquiries on your Registered Mail item, please click here (https://www.singpost.com/item-enquiry).

Generally lockdown/lesser flight schedule will take some time to take the flight.

Any may have some delays at custom for hygiene reason.

Therefore the generally the shipping time will be effected and may have 1~5 weeks of delays. Thank you for your understanding of current situation 🙏


Here are our recent updates about overseas.



We'll keep update the news for you!

Below is the past 90 days orders' average shipping time after the order is picked up by courier company. And including weekend.

(The delivery time is not including preparing time, delivery arranging time.)


‣  Malaysia 
generally take around 1~2 weeks
-updated 2021.01.17

‣ United Kingdom / GB 
generally take around 2~4 weeks (9 days recently)
-updated 2021.06.24

‣ Australia generally take around 2 weeks (10~18 days recently)
-updated 2021.06.24

‣ United State generally take around 2~4 weeks
-updated 2021.01.17

‣ Philippines generally take around 2~5 weeks
-updated 2021.01.07

‣ Canada generally take upto 3~7 weeks (16 days recently)
-updated 2021.06.24

‣ Japan generally take around 1~2 weeks
-updated 2021.01.17

Colombia generally take around 3 weeks
-updated 2021.01.17

South Korea generally take around 1~2 weeks (5 days recently)
-updated 2021.06.24

‣ Chile and the near counties will take generally 3~5 weeks -updated 2021.01.07