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Can't Track/No update on My Order - DAYBLANC

Can't Track/No update on My Order

Once we send out your order, you'll receive the tracking number via email that you input when placing order. 

Don't worry we prepared the solutions for you :)

Most of the case, please check the shipping email copy and paste the received tracking number to attached link. Many customers are confused the digit.



Q1. I didn't receive the tracking number via email

‣ Is your email address is correct?

Please check your email gain. Should received shipping information from us.

If can't find recommend to check trash or junk email first.

The tracking number is attached at the bottom. It will looks like attached image. The red text place will be shown on your tracking number.

Copy & paste the tracking number, and click the tracking number to see the tracking page of courier company.

‣ Didn't received any email from us? 
It could be input/signup with  incorrect email address such as ""
Don't worry we can amend the email address for you!
Please contact us via  IG | FB | WhatsApp to correct the email address with your order name, number to find your account. After that we'll send again the tracking number to you (╹◡╹)




Q2. Still can't track my order

‣ For Normal delivery (Ninja Van) orders

If you see the screen like below image, please wait a while 🙏

The system update is not the same time with physical work. Will take few hours~2 days to have the first update!

After that, you'll able to see where is your item 🥰

Soon you'll able to see Estimated Delivery schedule!

*Weekend & P.H delivery company are off day. So may don't have update at delivery status*

* If you received the courier company as Ninja van, please check again the tracking number. And copy & paste at here

If still see errors please contact them directly with received tracking number for faster & accurate support for any delivery assists.

This is FAQ hyperlink from Ninja Van website!

Order Tracking | Changing Order Details | Issues with Your Delivery | Submitting Claims 


‣ For fast delivery orders

 If can't track your order please contact us via  IG | FB | WhatsApp



‣ For Overseas orders

Q1. Can't track my order 

If shown as not available, the system update is not the same time with physical work. Will take few hours~2 days to have the first update!

If after few days still same and haven't departed to the destination country please contact to the Singpost.

If already departed to destination country, please contact to the local post office.


Q2. No update on my order

Most of the case customers contact us after
"Parcel Departed from Sender Nation" status. 

For few weeks won't have update on the page due to the order is still on the way to destination country & ready to ship or delivered.

To track more specific details of the delivery process please follow below instruction 


overseas shipping track


1) Please copy and past the new "Tracking number" (red box)

2) click/tap the provided hyper link (red box) for track overseas delivery! Then you'll see new delivery status.

* after see as "Despatched to overseas" may take 2-3 weeks for the next status. (it is due to border closer, having very less flight schedule so it can be happen queing to take plain for a long time.)

* the tracking system may slower than actual process. for more detailed info you can contact to the local post office with this tracking number 



Q3. Still have problem? 

Please check your delivery status and then recommend to contact the courier company to solve any delivery problem. 

Most of the case will be 
1) Local post office did mistake on delivery (e.g. send to wrong place)

2)  Incorrect delivery address (e.g. missing unit number, incorrect postal code)

3) Missing while delivery (in this case, the courier company will refund the full amount to you. Please claim the refund to courier company with our order receipt)

Many of the case if wrongly typed postal code or missing unit number. In that case Ninja van will send you an email. Please reply that email! (because our system is auto sync with the courier service, if typed wrongly we do not have a way to find out your correct address. So, we can't help that.)

Check here if you ▸ Haven't received the order

* Any delivery problem please contact to the courier company because we don't have the item & we are not the recipient we can't assist you 🥺

Thank you ❤️

find out more at here ❛˓◞˂̵✧

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