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Silver Polishing Cloth (Silver Cleaner)

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Pastel Pink

S925 jewellery MUST HAVE item 

Rub well with this polishing cloth until the tarnished part is gone


1. The cloth is not wet, contains the silver cleaner function. 

2. Do not wash. If you wash the ingredients will be washed out too.

3. Recommend using for real 925 Silver part only. 
If you use at other vermeil or plating can be wiped out together

Material High-quality Cotton, Silver cleaner + gloss + coat solution
Size (W) 10 x (H) 7 cm (*1~3mm may different)
Quantity 1 pair of earring
Weight 5.6g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour White, Pink




This is every silver jewellery lovers must-have item!

For those who worry about tarnish, this will help you 🥰

+ our polishing cloth contains gloss function with coating function!

The silver is very good at hypoallergenic and gorgeous colour with long life spend compare with brass and other cheap materials!

Every metal will tarnish one day it's surgical steel, brass, even silver except pure 24k gold 😔 But pure gold jewellery is 50 times more expensive than silver 😫

Don't be sad! Still, we have an affordable choice! The best part of silver is can clean the tarnished part! 😆

And here is the solution! This polishing cloth is much easier & cheaper than other ways that can maintain your silver jewellery for a long time 💕


* In the case of your S925 item is badly tarnish can't really clean up with a polishing cloth, with penknife gently scrub the tarnished part.
This will may cause scratches yet can remove the tarnish colour.


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✦ Why Silver tarnish one day?


It is a natural phenomenon by the air, oil, water. Silver will tarnish slowly when keep exposing to the air due to the sulfidation. To prevent this, please keep it at provided jewellery pouch to block the air&dust! And recommended keeping separately with other non-silver jewellery.

Especially gold/rose gold colour keep separately. Because those can absorb the silver, turns to the darker colour.

Lock & lock or our jewellery pouch is the best choice.
If use slider zipper bag, plastic jewellery storage still won't block the air so after time will tarnish. 😔 Our travel jewellery box is for temporary use really only for travel. After that please keep in a provided jewellery pouch.

And we are making the proper zipper bag! wait a bit! now it's in manufacturing!



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