Ship to Overseas? – DAYBLANC
Ship to Overseas? - DAYBLANC

Ship to Overseas?

Yes, we support delivery for all over the world¬†ūüßö‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

Will be send out from Korea for a while

We choose each country as the most affordable & safe courier company. 
Delivery times are only estimates and may not be the actual delivery standard experienced.

And please keep track the item well. Once returned to us will cost extra shipping fee.

All order will send via air, and we'll provide tracking number of the item. 

(to find out how to use please scroll down to Q3. or click the code to apply automatically.)

Check¬†here if you¬†‚Ėł Can't track the order

Check here if you¬†‚Ėł Haven't received the order



Q1. How long will it take? 

That will be 1 (preparing time) + 2 (shipping time). 

1. Preparing time

Due to our designs are handmade, we need few hours~3 business days to make the design. After that will take different delivery time based on the country

Our delivery cut out time is weekday SGT 1PM/KRT 2 PM (after 1/2 PM most probably prepare from next day. Weekend order is start to prepare weekday.)

But we are trying our best to send out ASAP!


2. Shipping time

‣ Notice

Only send via trackable air for fast & safe delivery.

* Due to COVID-19, may have 1~5 weeks of delays.

* Please provide correct postal code, detailed address, with correct name for Custom clearance.
(once return due to incorrect recipient address will cause extra re-delivery fee, no refund/exchange.)

* Sending to South Korea require PCC code.
(create the PCC code at:

* Sending to Indonesia require KTP No, Copy of ID.
(for customs clearance process, there is no misuse of KTP data that we received. For that you can send us to our 

* Sending to Taiwan require proof of identification SSID (ARC/Passport No).
(for customs clearance process, there is no misuse of this data that we received. For that you can send us to our 
WhatsApp or enter while place order.) 

* Sending to China require proof of identification ID/Passport No.
(for customs clearance process, there is no misuse of this data that we received. For that you can send us to our WhatsApp or enter while place order.) 

* Hong Kong, Japan, China, Macau orders please enter the address as local language. 

‚Ä£ 2~20 working days delivery to below country (depends on how far from South Korea takes longer)

Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, United State, South Korea, Japan, China, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, Canada, Vietnam, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Brazil, Singapore

(the timeline is excluding public holiday, Saturday, Sunday. After pickup is done. Maximum compensation is SGD 300 for any lost or damaged parcel.)

‣ The rest of the countries 

Will take around 1~5 weeks to arrive.




Q2. How much to ship to my place? 

Shipping fee is different by country.

To check the fee, after put item into cart please go to the CART PAGE and 

scroll down  a little bit then you'll see something like this!

shipping fee calculator-1 

If you don't have any item in cart

shipping fee calculator-0 


Q3. How to apply the promo code? 

Go to the cart page and click "Place your order" button

or click the promo code to apply the code automatically.

* 1 promo code per 1 order. (can't apply multiple promo code for 1 order.)

apply promo code



Overseas Shipping T&Cs.

* Please request for damage or loss investigation within 2 days of delivery complete. (the investigation will take over 60 days due to need to contact both countries' office.)

* Customer is responsible for providing incorrect shipping address.

(Use different with ID/passport name may not be able to clear customs clearance, and fines may be imposed.) 

* Customer is responsible for providing incorrect shipping address.
(Won't able to refund/exchange, will be disposal after 60 days of returned. Will be charged extra re-delivery fee.)

* Tariffs may be incurred and charged according to customs standards of the arrival country. (if not paid on time might can be returned to sender)

* After we send out the order, not able to change/return/exchangeable.

* Lost/damaged while delivery, please contact to the courier company that attached at tracking number. And follow their instruction.

* In case of damaged while delivery please take a photo of the outer box. And if received an incorrect or damaged item please do not remove the safety sticker and take the photo, contact us within 12H after delivered.

* In case of an investigation, damage investigation is not possible if the damaged outer box photo, inner product photo (never remove the safety sticker), and damaged part photo are not submitted.

* Partial refunds are not available for partially returned items that are processed according to inconsistencies or non-customs clearance. 

(In the case of didn't pay and the item returned will be charged the fee & not provided refund/exchange for that order.)

* Additional Charges [For final Shipping Fee, Volumetric Weight will be used (Length x Width x Height / 6000). If the parcel is heavier than the paid shipping rate, additional fee may occur.]

* Due to inspection and customs inspection, goods may be opened, and responsibility for this cannot be brought.

* Customer can be subjected the standard courier terms and conditions in the case of the loss/damage of delivered goods situation.

* We don't provide any refund or exchange for incorrect address order.

Due to it's 1:1 handmade designs. Once the address is incorrect our courier company will send you an email to correct address and wait for your reply maximum 2 days. But once returned to us, will be charged a re-delivery fee.

(The amount is our basic shipping fee based on your country. After send out customer is responsible to check on the delivery status. We can't notify you the shipping status. If returned to sender please contact us via IG | FB | WhatsApp to arrange the re-delivery before pass the 60 days. (re-delivery fee will be charged) And in this case, we don't support any refund or exchange. We'll keep it the returned order maximum 60 days and offer re-delivery. But after exceed 60 days, we'll disposal the item without any refund/exchange/re-delivery.)  



Check our¬†‚Ėł¬†Refund & Exchange¬†Policy

Check¬†our¬†‚Ėł After-sales Service Policy

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