How to leave a review?

How to leave a review?

The design has to be available at our online store, and you have to go to the each design page to leave a review.

If you purchased same design with different colour or multiple times, you can leave multiple reviews at 1 design. 

Or you can leave a review on Google or Facebook too ❤️


1) Easy way is after log in, check your order history!

Once to go the design you'll see this part



2) Click the "Check reviews" button then will bring you to button

and click the "Write a review & earn points!" button



3) You'll see this page 😆

Leave a review and click the "Submit Review" button!



4)  Within few days, will able to received the points 🥰

If haven't received the point please contact us, we'll check for you.

Contact us via IG | FB | WhatsApp


* Want to know more about point? click → membership