How to leave a review?

How to leave a review?

The design has to be available at our online store, and you have to go to the each design page to leave a review.

If you purchased same design with different colour or multiple times, you can leave multiple reviews at 1 design. 

Or you can leave a review on Google or Facebook, Instagram too ❤️

+ For instagram review, leave a link of the IG post at the text box 🥰 


1) Login and Click this button!

 review-web ← computer users   review-mobile← mobile users


2) Click the "+ ADD A REVIEW"

 add a review


3) You'll see this page 😆

Leave a review and click the "POST" button!

add review
+ For instagram review customers leave a link of the IG post at this text box 🥰 


4)  Within few days, will able to received the points 🥰

If haven't received the point please contact us, we'll check for you.

Contact us via IG | FB | WhatsApp


* Want to know more about point? click → membership