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Thank you for shopping with DAYBLANC 💖

Hope received well and love what we prepared for you ꈍꈍ ♡

If you have any problem *Do not open the pouch and contact us via

IG | FB | WhatsApp within 12H*

We always pack carefully & take video of reay design's status before send out yet sometimes may the delivery process is not so smooth. In case of delivery damage, please take a photo of outer box. (The courier company refund policy only accept submit with photo.)

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▶︎ + Jewellery Care Tips 

* Recommend to handle carefully due to jewellery is fragile and once break may not possible to repair depends on the situation. 


▶︎ After Sales Solutions

Q1. Received in damaged status? or received incorrect item?

(missing crystal, detached part, broken post, broken chain, wrong colour, wrong design, etc) 

A1. Yes, I didn't open it.
Please contact us via IG | FB | WhatsApp with photo & order number for exchange.

A2. Yes, but I open the pouch already. 
If you are in the warranty period will be free repair for you. Please contact us via IG | FB | WhatsApp with photo & order number for complimentary repair.


Q2. Do you feel your necklace/bracelet is too short? 

Here are a way to solve your problems. Click to see the solution!

A1. Short for me 
Advice to get [Magic Extension] this will able to extend maximum around 6cm for any necklace, bracelet design you have. Also able to wear as chain ring! 


A2. The necklace is long for me, Bracelet is long for me
In this case, depends on the design recommended to customize the length with us. For that contact us via IG | FB | WhatsApp with the photo and order number so we can check how can customize.  (depends on the design will have different options/not possible, will cost customization fee.)


Q3. While using damaged? 

So sorry for the caused inconvenience. Jewellery is fragile can be easily damaged. We'll try our best to repair your item.

A1. Please contact us via IG | FB | WhatsApp with the photo and order number so we can check repair possibility about that design.

(depends on the status may not possible to repair, after warranty period will cost repair fee.)


* Please take note that as we agreed when place order, the refund/exchange will be only available via store credits.
(Discounted orders are not available any refund/exchange.)

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