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Angel Suit (Blouse + Skirt set)

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The feminine blouse and skirt set that makes you look like an angel 💕

A nice choice for a very slim, average body shape with small bast.

Worn with [Love Shot] earring+cuffs, [The Love] earring, [The Love] necklace, [Shining U] earring

Our model own both colour for herself


This is one of our model's favourite outfits which she owns this whole set with 2 colours 😆

Her boyfriend also complimented this is very nice, even said get more colour 💗

This will be the perfect date night wear 🥰

And blouse, skirt set components very wide range of styling 

The skirt has a unique shape that makes the body shape looks better 

And the blouse, shoulder line with attached string and frill details make the shoulder line more and the banded waist emphasize the waistline that makes a more feminine look. Plus have mani details at top front part which is the perfect choice for small bast 🥰 This design covers well it is small, and even have the effect of making looks bigger! But for big bast customers might not so good it will make even bigger 🥲

The shoulder is banded stretchable, can wear as off shoulder for more feminine and emphasize the neck &  shoulder line (which many guys said the most attractive part 😉) or can wear as boost the shoulder and cover the underwear string

This skirt also includes inner pants less worry about activities

+ a date night tip you wear this suit with off shoulder and when you go dining before having a meal, bite the hair tie on your lip and tie your hair in front of him I bet he can't take off eyes on you 😉 (this is showing the shoulder and neckline, one of the behave that guys said very attractive!)

White for a more pure delicate look, black for fancy and elegance mood

And if you cross and tie the string it makes sexier neckline 💗 

With [Love Shot] earring+cuffs, [ The Love] earring, [The Love] necklace,  add up more lovely mood 

With [Shining U] earring add more elegance vibe


※ No photoshop at all for the shape of all of the cloth and wearing photos.

※ The fitting to our model the skirt was a bit loose size of waist but won't fall off. For the slim waist customers might be not a tight fit but should be wearable. For the blouse wearable not so tight fit for both shoulder and waist. 


Size  Runs Big True to Size ☑️ Runs Short
Thickness Thick Moderate ☑️ Thin
Sheerness High Low
Stretch High
☑️ Low (banded part only) None
Lining Full

☑️ Partial (skirt only)


※ The blouse shoulder & waist is banded. Wasn't a tight fit for our model. The average size can be fit well. For bigger bast customers might very emphasize the top.

 Skirt including inner pants, the white colour top can seethrough the underwear colour except for the nude colour. For the skirt also recommend wearing nude colour underwear if you want to make sure everything is invisible.

This design length is the short length for both top & bottom if you are tall or waist is long it can be very short for you.


blouse/shirts size measuring

Size (cm) 1. Shoulder width 2. Chest 3Sleeve Length 5. Sleeve 6. Waist 7. Total Length
Free (banded) 36~70
37 12~21
30~62 35

 1, 2, 3 the circumference is measured by the one side width. The size may vary depending on the measurement method.


skirt measurement

Size (cm) 1. Waist 2. Hip 3. Hem 4. Total Length
Free (banded) 30~56

1, 2, 3 the circumference is measured by the one side width. The size may vary depending on the measurement method.


Material Cotton 95 + Spandex 5
(not so much stretchable *except banded part)
Components 1 Blouse + 1 Skirt
Colour White, Black

※ Colour may be slightly brighter or darker minor colour difference is expected

※ Due to the fabric nature, shedding may occur. To minimize inconvenience, take note of and follow specific instructions for wash and storage.


Model Size
Height : 159cm
Weight : 40kg
Top : XS~S
Bottom : 24
Hand Wash Separately, Do Not Tumble Dry
Hand wash cotton separately to prevent distortion. (Do not tumble dry.)
Material may shrink, stretch, or pill with wear.
Follow wash guide to prevent damage and/or distortion.
Warning: Dark colors may transfer.
※ 1st wash is recommended to do a dry clean.
Order Process for cloth
Customer place an order ‣ Place order to the cloth factory  Check quality & prepare delivery ‣ Send out for delivery ‣ Receive
※ Takeakes 2~5 working days to proceed with the order and depends on the volume and popular designs may take longer or unavailable. (in case of the end of the season, it can be refunded.)
※ Clothes will be packed in a polybag and currently no gift wrapping service for clothes. 

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Exchange / Refund Policy

We ask you for a careful examination prior to your purchase (e.g. size, colour, etc.)
Any inquiries regarding the products should be made within 12h from the day the delivery was completed.
※ Please be noted that you must submit a Refund/After service form from the bottom of our website to proceed. (IG/FB/WhatsApp message we can't help you.)
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