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Classic Multi Chain (Strap)

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The must-Have stylish classic chain that can use for mask, glasses, Airpod strap

Material Stainless Steel, Silicon
Size 71.5cm + Silicon Hoop 2cm (*1~3mm may different)
Quantity 70~2cm stainless chain, Silicon hoop
Weight 4.9g(+Silicon hoop 0.7g) (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Silver (Other colour N.A.)
Customize Option N.A.


This is a multifunctional stainless steel chain!

Unlike a cloth, no worries to get dirty or absorb sweat. With thick chain won't get easily break and more stylish. Strong at sweat, water, won't easily get rust, hypoallergenic material!

Perfect material choice for the daily wearing items 😆 

You can use for the mask, Airpod, glasses and many that you can use 😎 👓

We provide 2 ways to hold items. 1 is the normal lobster hook that can hang, the other one is silicon hook for holding some long and slippery items.

Silicon hook you can move the middle metal part, pull up and down and hold tight the item!

In Korea already this kind of chain is wearing a lot due to need to wear the mask everywhere.

When you eat, drink feels very uncomfortable to keep mask right?

Put table worry fly away, or forget to wear back.

When you connect to this chain, you don't need to worry when you not wearing the mask just remove from your face and hang near the neck area 🥰

* Only prepared silver colour due to silver colour is the one can last much longer than the vermeil other colours.

* Not included glasses, mask, Airpod.


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