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Classic White Gift Box

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A classic, minimal yet feminine vibe of gift box
(L) 9 x (W) 9 x (H) 3.6 cm (*1~3mm may different) (1~5 pcs of full package of jewellery depends on the size)
Quantity 1 box only (Not including jewellery)
Weight 14g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Whithite

Recommended gift box choice for any order

※ In case of multiple boxes order except for 1 gift box, the rest of the boxes will send as unfolded shape due to fit the carton box size. If want to receive all in folded multiple gift box please select "Big item delivery" option if not will be sent as unfolded.


The clean, simple minimal look and the gift box 

A minimal classic look of gift box that can be everyone welcome 💗 

If you love to decorate also will be a perfect choice 

Nice to put on lovely, cute stickers or ribbons.

When pack as our jewellery full package (until pouch), can fit max 1~5 items depending on design. Generally, a flat necklace & bracelet type can fit more than ring & bold earrings

If you repack as without our jewellery pouch can fit more!
But we strongly recommend all our jewellery to keep in our jewellery pouch to maintain colour for a long time. 

If place order together with our jewellery we'll try to pack inside to this box.

For the gift card, please leave the message on the cart page 🛒

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