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Plot Twist (Hair clip)

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Olive khaki
Apricot tan
Tuft bush

Only available at DAYBLANC

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Special Offer |  Similar design with [Allure Butterfly] hairclip  

Worn with [Daisy Drop], [Classy Pearl] earring

Material Acrylic, OR/16K/18K vermeil brass, 
Diamond substitute stone
Pin (W) 11 x (H) 6 (*1~3mm may different)
Quantity 1
Weight 27.1~31.5g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Transparent, Olive khaki, Tuft bush, Apricot tan


* The most similar colour is each design's individual photo

* The olive khaki is including grey tone yet greenish khaki base colour nice choice for dark or bleached hair colour


This is bigger than [Allure Butterfly] hairclip  

The classic, minimal mood of basic ﻌ shape of hair clip ♡

Much easy to tie hair than hair ties! 

This design is good to clip all hair for thinner hair customers, also good to clip half for thicker hair customers

We prepared 4  different colours with 6 different charms!

Transparent colour that can fit well with any hair colour

The chic vibe of olive khaki will fit well with black and bleached hair colour

The lovely, feminine vibe of the pinkish tone of tuft bush colour can fit well darker or red tone hair colours.

The warm mood of apricot tan colour that can fit well black & bleached, red tone hair colours

And nd by adding up our handmade charm, create a more unique and special vibe

Feminine, fairy, floral vibe with White Peony or Cherry Blossom charm,

Dreamy, unique mood of moon with Story of Moon and Moon Catcher charm,

Lovely mood with Love Symphony charm,

Silver lover with rose and heart, elegance vibe with Enchanted Rose charm.


* Due to handmade the attached charm part may different by design

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