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Honey In The Summer (Hairpin)

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Material Alloy, Cubic
Size (W) 9 x (H) 1.2 cm (*1~3mm may different)
Quantity 1
Weight 8g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Champaign Gold (other colour N.A.)


Stylish, elegance, unique champaign gold colour hairpin design 🥂

By just adding this hairpin the outfit becomes more complete & stylish

Love hairpin styling after watch "Crash landing on you" 😆

Is it only me that loves the Seo Ji-Hye (Seo Dan character) style than Son Ye-Jin (Yoon Se-Ri character)? 😂 I feel in the drama she is more trendy and stylish 

So inspired by her style we prepared more hairpins!

Just wearing hairpin it makes more stylish and changes the mood 😍
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