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Infinite Love (Earring)

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Worn by Seo Ye Ji (Ko Moon Young, It's Okay to Not Be Okay)
Set design [Infinite Moon]necklace, similar gold colour design with [Golden Dusk] earring(necklace pendant)

Material S925 post, OR vermeil brass
Size (W) 2.2 x (H) 1.5 + Chain 12cm (*1~3mm may different)
Quantity 1 Pair
Weight 1.8 + 1.4g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Rose gold, Silver
Customize Option Convert to Clip-on | Convert to Silicon earring post


많은 분들의 재입고 요청으로 재입고 되었고, 추가적으로 실버 컬러와 세트 목걸이도 준비해두었답니다! 😉

Received a lot of restocking request! We are also preparing the silver colour and necklace too!

This time the design a bit changed. Previously had a wider chain, now changed to the thinner chain with a wider gap of the pendant design that more similar look with [Infinite Moon] necklace pendant 

Unique circular shape post with chic unbalanced chain detail gorgeous rose gold colour design 

This is one of the favourite design in the "IOTNBO" series personally.

+ Side story of Soe Ye Ji is after she filed this drama "Seo Ye Ji waist (size)" was a top search at "Naver" (Kind of "Google" in Korea) 😂 We also attached one of the issued photos! This and the pink suit was a hot issue of her waist size. Someone even said is that CG? And her waist size is 22inch and she even gains weight for this drama


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