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Jewellery Pouch

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We provide this as our basic jewellery order packaging.
This will be an extra purchase.
Environmental friendly reusable design.
Completely seals the air & water will make your jewellery last longer.
  • Material : PVC
  • Size : (W) 7 x (H) 10 cm (*1~3mm may different)
  • Weight : 2.4g




Our new jewellery care packaging ❤️

The reusable pouch that will reduce plastic bag consume ☺️

As our ethics are caring the nature and make the world a better place we made new environmental-friendly packaging!


We studied and found out this is the best way to keep jewellery.

This jewellery pouch is our custom made design!
Our pouch is thicker, lasts longer, seal the air very well. 

We'll pack at this pouch for better jewellery care for you. 
But in case you need more, you can get more from here 🥰 


Also, good for keeping small items such as hair tie and hairpins, small medicine, small items that you don't want to get scratches. Our thick jewellery pouch will protect from leaking, scratches, tarnishes, or get wet. Once you pack there and bring our won't lost and easy to keep & use!


Avoid keeping jewellery at attached list items

↓ Slider zipper bag is the last part is still open so air/water can go in.


Normal zipper bag is very cheap and very easily tear the top sealing part so when use a few times already lost the function.


Also keep at the hanging outside (acrylic displayer) : may cause tarnish faster, open/close cause continues hitting it can be the reason for dropped stone.
So we don't recommend to keep there. ↓


*The best way to keep jewellery is just maintain same as we send to you 🥰