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Magic Clip-on Converter (Clip-On)

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Material OR vermeil brass
Size (W) 0.3 x (H) 1.3 cm (*1~3mm may different)
Quantity 1 pair (2 side, clip-on only, without earring)
Weight 2.2g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Rose gold, Gold, Silver

* The silver colour may darker or lighter due to the vermeil colour (If you have a preference please leave a note for that on the cart page.)


Non pierced earring lovers this is what you need!

You own each colour, can even convert other shop's earring as clip-on ❣️
When you have this you don't worry about the earring is able to
convert as clip-on earring anymore 🤩

And you can change the earrings anytime to a different design 😆
Because of this Magic Clip-on, you can wear any earring as a clip-on style

* The screw-nail part may have some discoloured part but it is due to the manufacturing process it won't affect usage. (it's inner part that not touching skin and won't visible while wearing)


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Require tools : Magic Clip-on, earring (you want to convert as clip-on), flat nose pilers (which is in the pink tool you can see in the photo) 

Step 1 

Bent the earring post to "L" or "J" shape 

(The important tip is you need to bent as near as possible from the earring head part if it's far when you insert the earring it might look too much pop-out)

* Becaful! at this step, if the post is not flexible might break 😔* 

In that case, you can just glue the rest part but you can't change to other earring is be missing part! Yet you won't waste this part at least❣️

Step 2 

Insert the bent earring to Magic Clip-on


If you are not confident with this work you can order as the "Yes" option or you can consider our [Clip-on Converter] or [Convert to Metal clip-on]