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Magical Girl (Gift Box)

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Perfect gift box for your magical girl 💕
(L) 12 x (W) 8 x (H) 4.5 cm (*1~3mm may different) (1~5 pcs of a full package of jewellery depends on the size)
Quantity 1 box only (Not including any jewellery)
Weight 17.4g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Pastel Pink, Gold

* Recommended gift box choice for "Fast delivery" option


So lovely, unique, special mood of book shape of the gift box design!

Anyone who received this box will feel so special ✨

The closing is with a baby pink ribbon

The very sophisticated design of gift box

When pack as our jewellery full package (until pouch), can fit 1~5 items depends on the size. Generally, a flat necklace & bracelet type can fit more than the ring & bold earrings

If place an order together with our jewellery we'll try to pack inside to this box.