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My Flower (Ring)

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Set design with [My Flower] necklace

Material 14K gold vermeil copper
Size Free size (open ring) | Inside diameter : 18mm (US 7 ¾) | Hight : 1.2cm(*1~3mm may different)
Quantity 1 Ring
Weight 3.5g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Gold (Other colour N.A.)
Customize Option N.A.


Dainty, Classy mood of bold type of birth flower design ring  💍

Designed with special hallow craft method, not heavy or stuffy while wearing 🥰

Ring design, some months' birth flower type has changed!

How about wearing this meaningful design with your besties? 👯‍♀️


Preprepared each birth flower's name and the meanings 🌺

JAN - Carnation : Love, Pride, Beauty, Distinction, Fascination, and Loyal

FEB - Violet : Modesty, Virtue, Spiritual Wisdom, Faithfulness, Humility

MAR - Daffodil : Spring, Rebirth, Domestic Happiness, Respect, Regard and Friendship

APR - Daisy :  Love, Youth, Purity

MAY - Lily of the Valley : Sweetness, Joy, Practicality, Purity, Inner Peace

JUN - Rose :  Love and Appreciation, Innocence, Purity, Passion, Beauty

JUL - Water Lily : Innocence, Purity, Fertility, Pleasure, Celebration, Hope, Rebirth, Wellness, and Peace

AUG - Poppy :  Imagination, Strength, Success, Calmness, Luxury 

SEP - Aster : Emotional Love and Affection, Patience, Daintiness, and Remembrance

OCT - Marigold :  Warm, Fierce, Elegance and Devotion

NOV - Chrysanthemum : Compassion, Friendship, Joy

DEC - Narcissus  : Hope, Wealth, The Only One, Good Fortune, Clarity, Inspiration


* Gently adjust the ring size when using too much strength can be broken

* The ring band may have minor scratches/uneven surface due to the manufacturing process

* Not recommended to touch water, oil, lotion, perfume.
(It might cause faster tarnish, yet S925 materials are able to clean the tarnished part with silver polishing cloth)


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