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Nangman Goyangi (Earring)

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Rose gold

Inspired by a Korean song [Cherry Filter-Romantic Cat]

Material S999 (99.9% pure silver material)
Size (W) 1 x (H) 10cm |  Pendant (W) 1 x (H) 1.6cm(*1~3mm may different)
Quantity 1 Pair
Weight 0.8g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)

Rose gold, Silver

Customize Option Convert to Clip-on 

*Depends on the customization option, the length may be fixed and will add a pair of the small ball earring post


Lovely sweet cat is sitting on the moon

Sweet little kitty, a little dancing starlight shining the sad city 🌃

A romantic cat design threader type high-quality 99.9% silver material earring

* When you want to customize to clip-on, let us know who you want to fix the length of the earring. And we'll add a pair of small ball post clip-on that won't really affect the design. 


Original song by [Cherry Filter-Romantic Cat] this song was very famous in Korea for those who born at the 1990s 

낭만 [Nang-Man] = Romantic, 고양이 [Go-yang-i] = Cat in Korean

So the "True Beauty" author "야옹이 [Yaongyi]" also a way to call a cat 🐈‍⬛

The word comes from the cat's sound "야옹 [Yaong]" in Korea.

If you have any Korean friend around that age will know this song 🥰

Attached the newer version by Solar (MAMAMOO) 😆💕

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