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Seraphic Heart (Earring | 0.8mm | 1.2mm | Piercing)

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Rose gold

Worn with [Heart Queen]piercing, 

[Love You] ear cuffs

Shop more Thin Piercing or 1.2mm Piercing 
Similar design with
[Angelic Heart] piercing

S.Steel Bar, OR/Gold vermeil brass, Diamond substitute stone
Size Earring (W) 1 x (H) 1.6cm | 0.8mm piercing (W) 1 x (H) 1.4cm & 1.2mm piercing (T)0.8 X (L) 6 or (T)1.2 X (L)6mm (*1~3mm may different)
Quantity Piercing 1 Side (0.8 & 1.2mm), Earring 1 Pair 
Weight Earring 1.6g, Piercing 0.6g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Rose gold, Gold, Silver | Crystal : Clear, Hot Pink
Customize Option
Only earring type & 0.8mm thickness available for [Clip-on Converter], 1.2mm thickness N.A.

* 0.8mm Can be worn at a normal earring piercing hole. 1.2mm is not for normal earring thickness.


This design we support normal earring and earring thickness piercing and 1.2mm normal piercing thickness 🥰

(* Basic standard for piercing is 1 side)

To wear as a normal earring select 0.8mm, For a thicker bar please select 1.2mm!

Fairy, unique shape of heart and wing detailed design

Motif by the wedding peach, lovely design of thin bar piercing

Dangled crystal create a dreamy mood

* 1.2mm Gold colour is 2~3week of pre-rder available. contact us for the pre-order.

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