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Seraphic Love (1.2mm | Piercing | Earring)

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Rose gold

NEW : Earring post type available!

What is Piercing? Shop more of 1.2mm Piercing

S.Steel Bar/S925 Post, OR/Rose gold vermeil brass, Diamond substitute stone
(W) 1.1 x (H) 1.4cm | Piercing (T) 1.2 
x (L) 6mm (*1~3mm may different)
Piercing 1 Side | Earring 1 Pair
Weight Piercing 0.8g | Earring 1.2g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Rose Gold, Silver | Crystal : Clear, Red (Heart shape only)
Customize Option
Only for earring type Convert to Clip-on 

* This is a thicker bar for the piercing hole (1.2mm, the general earring is 0.8mm thickness general small earring piercing hole may not fit). Not able to support changing the bar or backing at this moment.

* The piercing ball backing colour can be silver/rose gold colour 


The unique and antique mood of decorated heart design 💖

Dangled crystal point make this design more special and lovely 💕

If you have a normal earring hole this may not able to wear.

More 1.2mm piercings are coming!


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