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The Last Leaf (Earring)

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Rose gold
Material S925 Post, OR vermeil brass, Diamond substitute stone
Size (W) 0.6/0.7 x (H) 4.1/3.1cm (*1~3mm may different)
Quantity 1 pair of earring 
Weight 6g (SGD 50 cent is around 6.5g)
Colour Rose gold, Silver (Other colour N.A.) | Crystal : Clear
Customize Option Convert to Clip-on | Convert to Silicon earring post


겨울이 오기 전, 마지막 잎새의 감성을 담은 디자인이에요 🥀

Contained the mood of the last leaf before the winter season

Small hoop decorated the crystals represent the frozen mood

One side with snowflake charm, winter is coming

The other side, delicate the last leaf with a crystal point

Winter vibe, a feminine, delicate, pure mood of a design


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